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Jan 7, 2010 02:00 PM

Duck breast in TO

Any idea where I can buy duck breast in the Toronto area? What will it cost me per kg? Thanks for any help.

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  1. T&T has Brome Lake duck breasts, from one of the few Quebec farms that does not force feed. Prices are lower than Cumbrae's, Bruno's or Pusateri.

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      For the price, these are an excellent deal for duck in Toronto. However, it depends what type of duck you're looking for (ie: breed, size, fat, etc.). Personally, I had purchased them quite often.

      The Brome Lake duck breasts are on the small size (they're Pekin ducks) with an unremarkable layer of fat (due to not force feeding). Be sure to cook them properly. They also tend to be a bit tough between the skin and the meat.

      1. re: cookin in oville

        T&T is a chinese grocery store with a very large selection of items. Don't know of any downtown toronto but there is a location at warden and steeles and just east of mccowan on steeles as well.

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          There is a downtown T&T at Cherry and Commissioners Sts in the Portlands area. It is a bit smaller than other locations (at than the Warden and Steeles one).

          You can find Duck breasts at Bruno's, Cumbrae's, places in the STL Market, and even a number of Loblaws locations – it is pretty widely available. I don't usually price duck breasts as I only buy it occasionally and no one else in my family likes it particularly so it's just one breast for me. However, you can be pretty sure that T&T would be cheapest and if it is pre-vac-packed item from Brome, it won't matter where you get it.

          Do also consider buying several whole ducks, taking legs and breasts off, render and save the fat. From the legs and fat make confit, from the bones make stock, and use the breasts however you want. You pay a lot for duck fat and a lot for duck breasts off the bird. The costs of those items independently cover the legs if you buy whole birds.

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          Store locations are here:

          There is one in Mississauga that is probably the closest to you.

        3. Our local Longo's has them. You could try your local.


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            another recommendation for Longo's here.

            The Longo's at Bathurst and Rutherford has a huge selection of duck. Whole ducks, duck breasts, duck confit, duck legs.

          2. Vince Gasparro's by Bloor-Ossington has them for $13.99/lb

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              Sobey's St. Clair carries duck breast, fresh cornish hens, buffalo and occasionally venison, but call ahead if you are going.

              I've never bought the duck, but I'm pretty sure it's Brome.

            2. Thanks for all your help. Picked up duck breast at T&T on Cherry St.