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Jan 7, 2010 12:56 PM

Maine Shrimp at Market Basket Through Saturday

Hi everyone,

I picked up 6 pounds of Maine shrimp at MB in Cambridge today. The price is great at $3.99/lb. Unfortunately, they're headless and roe-less but I bought them anyway. I drove to the Woburn store on Tuesday but they hadn't received any shipments yet. I called the Cambridge store today and they had just received some. I suggest that you call ahead because there's some sort of delay in the deliveries.

Tonight is spicy shrimp sauce over pasta night. Looking forward to it.


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  1. I've struck out at WF lately. Craving S and P shrimp.

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    1. re: trufflehound

      WF River St. had them for $4.99 a pound today. Headless but looked (and tasted) very fresh.

    2. Hi JoJo - Thanks for the heads up on Maine Shrimp at MB. I'm going to call the Burlington store to see if they have any...
      Spicy shrimp over pasta sounds quite interesting; mind sharing how you do it?



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      1. re: deweyweber54

        Hi Dewey,

        I just published the recipe for you on Chowhound member recipes. I hope you try it and enjoy it as much as I do. As I mentioned, this recipe is the same I use for calamari, regular shrimp or clam sauce.


        1. re: JoJo5

          How does one find this recipe? Can you link to it?

          1. re: justbeingpolite

            justbeingpolite: You can find it by going to the drop down menu at the top of any Chow page called "Recipes" -- then go to "Member Recipes and Hacks." Here's a quick link to the one you want:


            (It is odd, though, that Chow isn't set up for you to click on JoJo5's profile and find the her posted recipes -- just her posts on boards. I never noticed this quirk before. I'll probably post a question over in the Site Talk board to see if I'm just missing something...)

            [EDITED TO ADD: Man, it took me like 15 minutes, but I finally figured out that a member's posted recipes are listed under "Favorites" in their member profile. What a weird way to file posted recipes. So, anyway: for future reference, if you wanted to find JoJo5's "Spicy Maine Shrimp Sauce Over Pasta" recipe without the link above, you'd go to her member profile, and then click her Favorites menu. Talk about conter-intuitive.]

          2. re: JoJo5

            Thanks JoJo!
            (and litchick for the link.)
            We'll give your recipe a try.
            Two questions: Do the shrimp get mushy after cooking the for so long? And what about the shells? Do they soften up, or remain crunchy and add to the deliciousness?

            1. re: deweyweber54

              Hi Dewey,

              The shrimp actually remain firm. I peel them after sucking out the delicious sauce. A bit messy but that's part of the fun for me. I hope you like them this way. They're also good just fried in the shell in some extra virgin olive oil with salt and pepper added


        2. There's a Market Basket in Cambridge?? Where is it?

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          1. re: LeoLioness

            Ooops...sorry. Meant to say Somerville.


            1. re: JoJo5

              Thanks. I figured it was just a goof. This is actually good news for me, as I live near the Somerville MB. I was just amused at the thought of an MB in Cambridge....

            2. Hi-I usually just get my ME Shrimp at Whole Foods but today I thought I'd give MB in Ashland a try. I have to say that they were terrible...they should be embarassed to sell them in the condition they were in. They smelled fine, so it's not as if they were rotten, but they were mangled-mushed, twised, broken, etc. I got lots of pieces of just the tail with no shrimp attached. It seemed as if they buy the "Grade B" shrimp or something. The price is right and they taste fine, but the presentation is awful. Making Maine Shrimp and Grits...yum!

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              1. re: CookingGirl

                Sorry to hear about the condition of your shrimp. The ones I bought at the Somerville MB were in great shape.


              2. Danvers MB has them in (or at least they say so by phone.)

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                1. re: fesenjan

                  Just got them at MB in Wilmington.

                  My first time ever trying these beauties. Absolutely delicious.

                  1. re: Frank Enbean

                    Just got more at Whole Foods in Andover. They look a little larger than the Market Basket ones.

                    1. re: Frank Enbean

                      Shaw market has them on sale this week for $3.99/lb as well. I'd call and make sure they have them first though. They call them "cold water shrimp". Bought some last night and they seemed as good as the ones I got at whole foods recently.

                      1. re: silver queen

                        Shaw's in Stow has them now for $3.99/#