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Jan 7, 2010 12:36 PM

Asia Buffet re-opening QBridge Road/Route 33 Hamilton

I've been here twice in the past week, nicely crowded each time. It remodeled and opened recently and there is a lunch buffet for $6.99, with a special grand opening discount of 15%, so for two with tax and tip it was $15. Like any buffet, there are hits and misses so these are my edited selections: You must enforce the 4th inning rule, try to arrive after 12:30 to ensure that the selections are hot and fresh. I went at 12:00 yesterday so I ordered a noodle soup at the soup bar- just about every Asian person was eating one- a soup made to order in front of you. There is an English menu that you can order the soup from. Next I munched on peel and eat shrimp with cocktail sauce and fresh lemon wedge. There were two sushi chefs making standard rolls- there was nothing out of this world, but ok for a buffet. I had standard California, unagi and tuna rolls. Next some hot food: near the dumplings under a metal lid, there is a Thai? sweet rice dish, steamed sticky jasmine rice with red bean paste and a little bit of mango and raisin. I think it may be a desert but I ate with my meal. Other hot buffet highlights, veg tempura and chicken tonkatsu. Tasty, but this area of the buffet is not heated so you have to keep an eye out and run there when it is being refilled. They ruin the chicken tonkatsu by putting a drizzle of ketchup? instead of the plum sauce. Oh well. The standard General Tso chick, three kinds of shrimp entrees, and plenty of bland items for your bland friends. For dessert there is an ice cream machine with cones, which I guess is tasty because I saw one old guy eat three of them. I had tasty orange and kiwi slices. There were those typical sponge/cream cakes and some hot sesame balls. Overall good- worth two for $15. Be careful of the crab people- there was a hot entree of fried crab and people were stampeding. Give it a try- I don't know how long the 15% discount will last.

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  1. Is the name of this place New World Buffet?

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      I believe the old name of this place was New World Buffet. They may have changed owners since then.

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        The new sign is "Asia Buffet"- It's on the corner shopping center with ACE hardware, opposite CVS, at the intersection of Route 33 and Quakerbridge Road.

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          If this really is the old "New World Buffet", do you know if they still serve the Taiwanese food on the side?

          World Buffet
          368 Highway 33, Trenton, NJ 08619

          1. re: jamina

            Yes, they still serve a small selection of Taiwanese snacks (8 treasure rice, shumai, dong quai soup, etc.). And there's usually someone behind the Taiwanese table to take your order for things like lu rou fan (stewed pork over rice) and intestine soup. I can't comment on the latter, but the former was ok.

    2. I saw this place last weekend and was wondering if anybody's been there yet. My husband went in for a walkthrough and saw that there were Taiwanese food on the side.

      1. We just went to Asia Buffet and all I can say is OMG! We got there around 12:00 for lunch today and did the scouting around first. There is a sushi bar and I wasn't impressed but my husband thought it was ok.There was also the usual standard section with chicken and broccoli (which my daughter liked), Chinese veggies, fried rice, etc. Then, there was the Taiwanese section and we made camp. There was a line of 5 people ahead of us and we thought that the line wasn't that bad until 35 minutes later we were still on line. It turns out that there were 2 persons in particular that each ordered a separate item for each person at their very large tables, respectively. Each one would place a dozen orders each and there's only 1 person working. This station has various Taiwanese specialties ranging from hot appetizers(such as intestines, tofu, oyster pancake, etc) and individual noodle soup orders (such beef noodle soup and don don noodle). The don don noodle is great! We ordered the spicy version! We also had this meat dumpling in a tapioca wrapping with a special sauce and it was great! They also serve a faux Peking Duck sandwich with hoisin sauce and scallions where they used a traditional Chinese style roast duck slices. They also have aromatic wine chicken and five spice beef. Even the Cantonese dim sum that they serve had a twist where the fillings were a little different.
        Dessert station has fruit, jello and cake. I love this place! So unlike the usual buffets that we go to. It's even better than Super Star Buffet! I will definitely go back but on a weekend when there's definitely more variety!

        1. Their website is now
          Was just there today with my mom.

          The line for the Taiwanese side dishes was ridiculous. We must have waited at least 30 minutes. People waiting in line would order 2 dishes, 4 dishes, 6 dishes at a time. There's only one guy behind the counter. He was overworked.

          Both my mom and I waited at the line, so the waiters thought we had left and gave our table to someone else. Sheesh. Fortunately, there was a table that had just paid and left.

          Not sure I'd go again.