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Jan 7, 2010 12:32 PM

apps crawl in sf

Hi my friend and I are looking to do an apps crawl in sf on Sunday jan 17. We are staying at fisherman's warf. Willing to cab, walk, cable car, etc. let me know any must do's. we'll be dining at Boulevard on friday night and plan on hitting Toronado sometime friday afternoon. Looking for some secret sf gems. Thanks

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    1. Hi,
      You're more likely to get a reply if you narrow things down a little. What kind of crawl? What kind of price? What do you like? What do you get at home?

      1. Also, how far are you willing to crawl?

        A short appetizers crawl that comes to mind would be ceviche and a pisco sour at La Mar, bar bites at Epic Roast House, oyster happy hour at Waterbar, guacamole and tacos at Mexico DF, the uni appetizer at Anchor and Hope, drinks at Mad Pianos (dueling pianos, but things don't really get going until after 9pm), and milkshakes made with or without booze at Burger Bar in Macy's on Union Square.

        That kind of takes you in a big circle from Fisherman's Wharf down to Embarcadero Center, into SOMA, back up to Union Square, where you can cable car back to Fisherman's wharf. You can eliminate Anchor and Hope or Mad Pianos and Burger Bar to make your circle smaller.

        La Mar, Epic, Mexico DF, and Boulevard are all very close to each other, and to the Ferry Building. In case you're unfamiliar with SF, the Ferry Building is one entire building of mostly food, and you could easily do an appetizer food crawl just through there: cheese, wine, oysters, seafood, burgers, Italian, building has it all.

        And if you ARE familiar with SF, a neighborhood or type of vibe you're going for would help narrow things down. You can do an app crawl through almost any neighborhood.

        1. What did you end up doing? I love food crawls, and am planning one soon so it'd be great to hear what you did. TIA

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            Pei - FYI my hubby and I are coming up to the Bay this weekend and we're taking you advice and doing the apps crawl. It sounds like a lot of good recs! Thanks for the suggestions!!!!

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              So, my hubby and I were in the bay area this weekend and took Pei's suggestions for an apps crawl. We had a balst.
              La Mar was a good place to start. A little sleepy, but the pisco sour was yummy and the ceviche was good (we had the ceviche verde).
              Epic Roasthouse was probably our least favorite of the night. The location was beautiful, the bar had a really cool vibe, but the food was only ok and really over priced. If we go back we would definately order more of a side or two other than the chef's nightly selection of house-cured meats.
              Waterbar was BEAUTIFUL!!! fantastic looking restaurant. We sat at the bar and had a half dozen oysters. Really good stuff and the staff were very friendly.
              MexicoDF was good. We got there approximately 15 min. before closing, but they were extremely accomidating. Had chips/salsa/guacamole, the Buche tacos and Calabacitas Estrella. All really tasty. As a So-Cal girl I was really impressed at how the restuarant was pushing their audience to eat more authintically. FANTASTIC TORTILLAS!!!!
              Anchor & Hope was AMAZING and our last stop. We were going to head to the burger bar after Anchor & hope, but things were so good there that we stopped. Great staff, good beer. We ended up ordering the Uni (per your suggestion), the risotto cooked in squid ink served with clams, the bone marrow w/ ox-tail marmalade, and finished the night with a Bailey's Ice Ceam Shake w/ homemade oatmeal cookies. Everything there was FANTASTIC!!!!! Loved-Loved-Loved it!!!!!!
              Thanks so much for the great idea and fantastic recs!

              1. re: TheManning2

                Yay!! Thanks so much for reporting back, I'm glad you liked everything. As a So-Cal girl myself, I'm always happy when people enjoy my new home and all it has to offer.