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Jan 7, 2010 11:57 AM

Help: Fatback in NH

Anyone know where I can purchase pork fatback in new hampshire? I would even settle for online shipping. The only place I've found so far charges $85 for 10 lbs of fatback.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Have you asked your grocery store? The butcher in mine can order it, I don't know the price, however.

    1. Would salt pork work for you? I've found that at Market Basket...other than that, I would try local farms, I know the one near me you can ask for specific cuts of meat when the animals go to slaughter. Also, if you are close enough to Groton, MA, the Blood Brothers slaughterhouse is there and they may have some available.

      1. You may want to try some meat shops such as The Meathouse, Bedford Prime, Mr. Steer, Butcher Boy etc.

        In Concord I regularly use Quality Cash Market to special order pork butts and beef briskets for my smoker. They seem to have access to nearly everything via their meat wholesale suppliers and I would imagine the same would apply to all the other shops specializing in meat.

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          Sorry to take this thread off topic, but how much does quality charge for brisket? Wal-Mart in Hooksett has packers for 1.78 lb. Meat House charges ~$4 a lb.

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            The prices at Quality Cash are certainly closer to WalMart's and Sam's Club's than the Meat House! I LOVE the Meat House for certain meats like their marinated tips and chicken, but you're right.....they ask a pretty penny for items like brisket and pork butts. When you're buying 10-20 lbs of meat the difference adds up fast!

            Also, while somewhat subjective, I find the quality and flavor of the briskets I get from QC to be better than Wally's and Sam's. More tender or something. I will use Wally-World and Sam's in a pinch if I didn't plan ahead and order from QC in time, but that's not my preference.

            Call QC and ask for Tony and he'll get you prices. He'll probably have to call his supplier and get back to you. I never ask the price ahead.... I just tell Tony what I want and when I pick it up...that's how much it costs. I place my order by mid-day on Tuesday and it is there ready for me on Thursday...just in time for a weekend smoke-session. If Tony isn't there (regular business hours for the most part), one of the guys behind the meat counter should be able to get you the info or take your order.

            Quality Cash Market (off exit 16, I think) 603-225-9661

        2. I'm not sure, I may have seen pork fatback at Lo's Oriental Market in Portsmouth NH yesterday. It was long thick strips of meat that looked sort of like salt pork to me. You might try calling them. But if they have it, probably Saigon Market in Manchester would also have it. They carry some unusual cuts of meat.

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            sorry, I was in Saigon Asian Market in Manchester yesterday and saw pork belly. That is what I saw at Lo's so it was the wrong side of the pig.