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Jan 7, 2010 11:23 AM

Traditional Chesapeake Desserts? [moved from Washington/Baltimore board]

My mother in law is coming in from the Chesapeake for a dinner and I would like to make her a traditional Chesapeake dessert, but I have no ideas. Can anyone help?

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    1. re: weezycom

      Actually, the Lord and Lady Baltimore cakes have nothing to do with Baltimore, Maryland or the Chesapeake. They were created in one of the Carolinas.

    2. If you were open to ordering it I would highly recommend a Smith Island cake from the Sweet Shoppe, (I prefer the traditional chocolate, but the wet coconut and peanut butter chocolate are good too, we had them make our wedding cake I love them so much) but I wouldn't attempt to bake a Smith Island Cake on my own, but it is about as Chesapeake as you get when it comes to desserts.

      If you really want to make it perhaps a lemon chess pie? Very southern and found on the shore.

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      1. re: ktmoomau

        Great suggestion, ktmoomau. I once had Smith Island cake in Crisfield-ten layers!! Incredibly labor intensive to make.

        1. re: Joe H

          They're really not that tough to make, as long as you have a large number of cake pans. There's a great recipe in Mrs. Kitching's Smith Island Cookbook . Of course, who has 10 cake pans? I've used 5 pans and allowed them to cool fully before cooking the next 5 layers.

          1. re: Jason1

            I give you real credit for baking this. There aren't a lot of people who bake from scratch these days let along make a ten layer cake!