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Help! Where can I find Tasso, Boudin and other Cajun products in Dallas?

Anybody an idea where I can find good and authentic Cajun Boudin, Tasso and maybe even Andouille here in Dallas??? I tried the Central Market (not my thing) and some other places but haven't even found real TASSO anywhere. My Gumbo needs HELP!

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  1. Sounds like Cajun Smoke House in Ponder is the place to go. http://www.cajunsmokehouse.net/

    More details and discussion from here:

    1. I agree, I tried the Cajun Smoke House in Ponder and won't go anywhere else. I had no idea where Ponder was (close to Denton) found it and buy my Cajun products there ever since. I can honestly recommend the Andouille, the Tasso and the Boudin they have good products www.CajunSmokeHouse.net

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        If you're ever in Houston, try Hebert's on Richmond.

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          There is also and Herbert's in Longview and I think he has one in Lindale. My Step uncle owns those two locales. Great stuff.

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            I love Heberts. In fact, I moved from Houston to New Orleans in 2008 and found that the "best" cajun stuffed chickens in New Orleans WERE IN HOUSTON. My New Orleans friends hated that. lol. My NOLA native husband was quickly convinced and was soon returning from our Houston visits with an ice chest full of products from HEBERTS. I am now in Dallas and would love it if Heberts would open a store here.

      2. I usually order online at www.pochesmarket.com which is in Breaux Bridge, LA. It will be delievered next day. Of course it's a little pricey, but your getting the real thing.

        1. The best is found back in Louisiana, at the little groceries and butcher shops. I've tried dozens of places over the years and T-Boys near Mamou can not be beaten. The stuff sold at the supermarkets is not in the same class.... Visit www.boudinlink.com for good info...

          1. According to poster "Oracle" on another thread, they had boudin at Baby Back Shak.

            1. There is a new vendor at the Dallas Farmers Market specializing in seafood from Lousiana. They also had some real deal boudain today from Breux Bridge. Haven't tried it yet, but it has no preservatives and was pretty cheap. The proprietor says they are looking to get a permanent fish shop in the Market, at which point they would likely stock tasso, andouille, etc. She did say she can get crawfish, when available. RIght now everything is frozen, but the idea to sell fresh over ice if they get the shop together.

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                Not to be snarky, but how on earth can you proclaim something " real deal " if not yet tasted. Skeptical and imagining most of what will arrive in the future will be frozen or previously frozen to keep cost (and waste) down. Simple economics.

              2. I for one do not eat any FROZEN or PRE-FROZEN seafood products.

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                1. It's unclear whether you found the Tasso at Central Market and didn't think it was good enough, or whether you failed to find it.

                  CM does have Tasso, but it's not in their meat section so could be easily missed. It's near the deli section.

                  1. find a friend from New Orleans and have them send some. My nephew has lived in Dallas for years, moved to Austin a few months ago, has not been able to find what he calls "real tasso" anywhere. Home grown/made makes a diff