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Jan 7, 2010 10:04 AM

vegan in paris

i will be staying in an apartment in the marais in april and am looking for really good non-dairy veg husband is a fish and sometimes meat eater and would love recs that might suit both. and
open air markets in the area....

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  1. Here is a link to the markets guide: The Bastille market on Thursday and Sunday is close to the Marais. It is sensible to stay in an apartment and self cater if Vegan, I understand Vegetarians in Paris struggle a bit, thus it is more tricky for Vegans. HappyCow lists a few places: but I don't think you will find a safe vegan dishes in a place that does meat/fish.

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      I think "struggle a bit" is an understatement. More like persecuted. ;)

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        thank you, especially for the market link.

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          Wow, Maoz is in Paris! I know it from NYC. It's not fancy, but it's def a great option.
          Paris is tough for a veg and horrible for a vegan, restaurant-wise.
          Maybe this link will help:

        2. I'm sure you can find something yummy at the Rose Bakery (there are two of them now actually). Though they're famous for things like quiches they also make amazing salads that are frequently vegan, and they have soya milk on hand, they make great smoothies, etc. Sometimes they even make vegan cakes. Only open for lunch, mind you.

          1. If you wish, there is a fabulous organic market just on the outskirts (easily accessible by Métro) called Les Nouveaux Robinson. It's huge, and stocks almost every vegan product available in France. Worth the trip. Metro stop is Pont de Neuilly.


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              Just for clarity this is a supermarket or shop rather than a true market like the "biologique" (organic) market on Boulevard Raspail (6eme) on Sundays or Bld des Batignolles (8eme) on Saturday.

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                Yes, for clarity, it's a "magasin", not a "marché". In english, "market" could mean either. Lol.

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                  "In english, "market" could mean either." Not quite; in the US yes, but in most other English speaking countries it isn't really used as a term for a shop(s).

                  It is interesting to try and work out what posters mean when the say "good markets in Paris". I think many of us assume it means marché but I wonder if the posters actually really mean good shops.

            2. Jealous!!!! Maybe Charles & I will visit you!! xoj

              1. Hi there! I'm a vegan in Paris. We are rare creatures!

                If you read French, you will find Laura's blog here: useful. If not, try Emily's here:

                My favourite places to eat out are:

                L'as du Falafel on the Rue des Rosiers in the Marais (better than Maoz but closed on Shabbat);

                Loving hut ( for naughty but nice fried foods. They also have a little corner selling vegan cheeses, mayonnaise, etc.;

                The two vegetarian South Indian restaurants by the Gare du Nord. You'll have to ask about butter/ghee though;

                Le Passage Obligé (formerly the Victoire Suprême du Coeur). Offers meat options too.

                Tien Hiang ( for tasty Chinese food. Cheap as anything too. I believe the 'ham' contains milk of some sort.

                There are some really great Ethiopian restaurants too.

                If you want to go to a traditional French restaurant or brasserie, be prepared to eat nothing but chips/fries and a green salad. Occasionally they will be able to modify other salads, but don't count on it!

                Good luck!

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                  Tien Hiang have just opened a 2nd restaurant on rue Bichat in the 10th, at number 14. As an eater of all things living, breathing, walking, swimming and clucking, until I actually ate there I at first scoffed when I was told of this vegetarian restaurant (until reading the above post I was lead to believe it was vegan). But it reallly is one of the best cheap "Asian" restaurants I've eaten in in Paris. I've also learned that the faux soy meat riff is an established tradition in some Buddhist, and hence vegan, far east Asian traditions. I even recently spoke to someone who spent a lot of time in Vietnam in the 60's who told me about being shot...and eating soy "duck" meat in a Buddhist monastery.

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                    Shanghaiese vegetarian cuisine is a full-fledged genre. Buddhist cuisine, yes, but very sophisticated. I mean it is not a cuisine originating from deprivation. It is a cuisine invented by Buddhist gourmands who can't quite embrace the Emptiness when it comes to food...
                    All the faux ham, faux goose, faux chicken are faaaabulous.
                    I did not know about Tien Hiang, - merci merci merci Anglaise once again, - but usually get my faux goose and vegetarian dumplings from Aux Mandarins in n°1 rue de Berri, a restaurant favored by both the Chinese embassy and the Taiwanese "Delegation" (de facto embassy). Another oddity about the restaurant is that it actually has a beautiful décor AND good food.

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                      The décor (formica, calendars with pandas on them) in both the "flagship" Tien Hiang restaurant on the rue Chemin Vert, and now in the new branch in the 10th, leave a little to be desired... but the food is so good and great value, and the staff are nice in their slightly earnest way.

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                      "Tien Hiang have just opened a 2nd restaurant on rue Bichat in the 10th, at number 14."

                      Thank you for sharing that info. Last time we ate at Tien HIang, we had to share a table with another couple and diners who arrived after we did either had to wait for good 30 min for a table or opt for takeout. So this second location was much a needed expansion and I hope it doesn't negatively impact quality of food.