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Jan 7, 2010 09:58 AM

Need fun restaurant for 35th birthday

Have a large group (14 people) and looking for a fun, good restaurant that can accommodate everyone and where the drinks are good, and the prices are reasonable (like $50/person or so). Perhaps has a bar or near a bar where we can go afterwards? Or near another activity such as bowling. Downtown would be a great spot but Church & State can't accommodate my group size.

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  1. Very good quality tapas, great wine list, nice atmosphere:

    Three Drunken Goats

    Neighborhood: Glendale
    2256 Honolulu Ave
    Montrose, CA 91020
    (818) 249-9950

    1. three drunken goats sounds great. i was going to recommend Honda-Ya for izakaya - only b/c they can accomodate a large party if you make reservations but the best part is that they have this happy birthday recording that comes on the speakers and the lights dim when it's someone's birthday. it's so cool. honda-ya is on alameda and third in the mall in little tokyo.

      1. Depending on your crowd--if you have never gone to the Gardens of Taxco, in WeHo, it is worth one visit--it is unlike any other restaurant experience, and is hip by being exactly the same as it was in the '70s (although I actually am surmising this, since my first visit was in the early '80s). The food is old-fashioned Mexican, there are no menus, mariachis sing, and I think the margaritas might be (if memory serves) wine margaritas. But the "are we really in West Hollywood?" factor makes it a lot of fun.

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            The restaurant offers a selection of set menus with choices which includes such classics as Chicken a la crema and chicken mole, and, instead of a menu, they are recited by the server in a patented spiel, e.g: "the chicken she tastes like she was borrrn into the cream" and "not hot, spiiicy." And, yes, the extra letters are all fact, I might have omitted a couple.

        1. FYI...just in case you didn't know, there's now a Lucky Strike at L.A. Live, so if you're serious about bowling and geared toward downtown, you might hit that quadrant.

          Though there are some detractors, I'm still a fan of Ciudad. They should have no problem fitting in your group. And they make some great drinks.

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            I like Ciudad a lot, but it is a haul from LA Live. You could Roy's downtown. They have a prix fixe dinner menu for under $40, and with 1 drink it squeeks in at under $50.