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Jan 7, 2010 09:33 AM


Does anyone know of any good bakeries in NYC, Queens, Long Island that sells Gluten Free baked goods that actually taste decent. Or one that delivers....



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  1. i can't vouch for the quality because i've never had them myself, but have you tried anything from Shabtai Gourmet?

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      I've tasted their rainbow cookies around Pesach. They are quite good; I just worry about the fats and transfats in this sort of stuff, but if that is not a concern, I'd recommend them.

    2. My celiac friend has recommended BabyCakes which is near Chinatown/Lower East Side in Manhattan. I don't know anything about it or where it is exactly, but I believe it's gluten-free and has kosher items.

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        A celiac friend of mine liked BabyCakes. He's a teenager and super-picky... so it means something coming from him.

        There's a place I heard of in Brooklyn Heights that has gluten free items, not sure of the name.

        Trader Joe's has some packaged gluten free cookies, if you're looking for that type of stuff. Duncan Hines also makes gluten free mixes for cakes and cookies.

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          i can't, in good Chowhound conscience, recommend Babycakes. i've tried 6 or 7 items from there and i personally thought all of them were pretty nasty.

          there's a GF place in Brooklyn (though it's in Park Slope, not Brooklyn Heights) called Everybody Eats. is that the one you heard about?

          Jo-sef's Gluten Free is also based in Brooklyn, but they don't have a storefront as far as i know.

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            I've never had anything from Babycakes.. I was just mentioning what a friend said.

            Everybody Eats might be the place I was thinking of, not sure, I've never been there, just heard about it.

            1. re: cheesecake17

              i hope you didn't think i was judging you for the Babycakes comment! just adding my two cents as someone who has tried their stuff firsthand and been seriously disappointed.

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                Noo not at all.. I was just mentioning that a friend tried it and liked it. I trust your tastes!

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                hmm, cheesecake, i replied earlier but it seems to have disappeared. i hope you didn't think i was being snarky about your Babycakes recommendation. i was just adding my two cents as someone who has tried their stuff firsthand and been very disappointed.

                and to the OP, if it's just a yummy dessert you want and not necessarily something from a traditional bakery, you might want to check out some of the raw cakes and pies that are often sold by the slice/serving at Whole Foods and small natural foods markets. i also have friends who *rave* about the desserts at Pure Food & Wine.

                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                  I had babycakes cupcakes today for the first time. They could use some gluten (dairy wouldn't hurt either).

                  1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                    What supervision are the Whole Food Cakes under? Also, not familiar w/ Pure Food and Wine, what hashgacha do they use?

                    1. re: vallevin

                      Googling shows Pure Food and Wine is vegan, but not under any hechsher, unless I missed it.

                      1. re: vallevin

                        d'oh! (smacks head). so sorry - i got so focused on the GF aspect that i forgot it had to be kosher! sincerest apologies.

                        i do know that Sacred Chow (which i neglected to mention earlier) is kosher, and they have a number of GF desserts.

                        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                          I've had the desserts at Sacred Chow... really good.

                          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                            Pinisi on4th st bet 1st and 2nd aves has gluten free stuff but it changes daily.

                            Ditto for Lifethyme bakery on 6th ave bet 8tha nd 9th streets

              3. Supersol in Manhattan has some gluten free baked goods. I believe they come in from a bakery somewhere, but I forget the name. I wasn't that impressed with the one item I tried, but I bought it without realizing it was gluten free and was expecting a traditional dense cake.

                  1. Don't know if you have access to a kitchen, but TJ Maxx and Marshall's have some marked-down gluten-free baking mixes (brownies, cookies, bars). They're under the CRC, and many are pareve.

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                    1. re: absmiller

                      To echo some of the above and add some more:
                      Babycakes (the brownie bites are good
                      )Lifethyme Market (bakery is kosher with many GF items)
                      Peacefood Cafe (kosher and several GF items)
                      Organic Grille (kosher and several GF items in dessert case)
                      Sacred Chow (kosher)
                      Sun in Bloom (kosher almost all GF desserts and several raw too)