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Jan 7, 2010 09:00 AM

Nice restaurant in Sugarland/Missouri City/Pearland

We are recent transplants to the Houston area and taking business associates out to dinner on Saturday night. We'd like to do steak or sushi or Italian...would like recommendations for good food as well as the restaurant being conducive for conversation. A good wine list would also help. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. I think you'd be very happy with Aura. Post Oak Grill would be another good option, but Aura is your best bet.
    Or for Italian, Amici would be great.

    1. Haven't found food really worth driving out of Houston for, but since we live there here are my thoughts:
      Perry's Steakhouse has good food and definately the right atmosphere. It is where we take people for business when we don't come into Houston. Good wine list.
      I'd suggest Aura as well (French), but service can be a little over soliticous and one of their guys is a know it all. Good wine list.
      Amici has great food (Italian), but can be VERY loud. Might not be good for business.
      Kona Grill does good sushi, but again can be loud. Get a booth in the back and you'd be good. Has a wine list, but not too great.

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        Also, can't remember the exact name of it now, but the wine bar in Town Square is serving food now. Good atmosphere. They have paired up with Chef David Denis from LeMistral (AWESOME food) out Eldridge Pkwy to snaz up the menu. Haven't been since, but with David I can't believe you'd go wrong.