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Jan 7, 2010 08:56 AM

Need Recommendations for restaurant near Gershwin Theatre or Penn Station

We will be going to a Sunday matinee Wicked in early March at the Gershwin Theatre, and would like to go out for a nice dinner afterward. The show ends around 5pm and we depart for home leaving on a bus out of Penn Station at 11pm. We are open to all cuisines except Indian, but are looking for something posh and nice, perhaps $100 per person, drinks included, where we can linger a bit and not feel pressured to leave. A good wine list and a view are a plus. It is a special occasion and we'd like to feel pampered. Thanks!

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    1. Considering that you are looking for restaurants open on Sunday and, more importantly, with your stated budget in mind, I highly recommend Seasonal Restaurant and Wine Bar, on 58th St., b/t 6th & 7th Avs. It's a year-old hidden gem which has been awarded a well-deserved Michelin star. The Austrian cuisine is superb, and there's a good wine list. Service is welcoming and attentive, and you will certainly not be rushed. The ambiance is not posh but has a spare elegance about it.

      Photos of our recent dinner at Seasonal can be seen here:

      At Adour Alain Ducasse, in the St. Regis Hotel, serves dinner on Sundays, you can have first-rate cuisine, a superb wine list, excellent service, and posh surroundings. However, you will have to raise your budget substantially.

      Photos of our dinner at Adour in August can be seen here:

      and in April here:

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        If I did increase my budget, what about Gramercy Tavern?

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          I am not a fan of Gramercy Tavern's dining room. We've given it several tries over the years since it opened, and I have yet to have a stellar meal there. In fact, it was the site of my most disappointing meal of '09. So, I'm pretty much done with it. However, I do like the more casual Tavern Room. The food we've had there has been uniformly excellent. The Tavern Room does not accept reservations.

          Photos of our most recent meal in the Tavern Room can be seen here:

          Since you seem willing to increase your budget to accommodate G.T.'s dining room, I would suggest you consider going directly across the street to Veritas, which also serves dinner on Sunday. Cost of the 3-course prix fixe there is $2 less than at G.T. More importantly, imo, the cuisine is far, far superior. Different since it is French rather than Contemporary American. But truly sensational! The wine list is one of the most extraordinary in the city, service is professional, and the minimalist decor is soothing and elegant.

          Photos of our most recent dinner at Veritas can be seen here:

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            Thank you so much for your advice!