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Jan 7, 2010 08:54 AM

Need Boston Area Salad recommendations

I'm normally a lurker, but I'm coming out of hiding for some Chowhound advice. For health reasons I've recently been on a limited, bland & no uncooked vegetable diet (ick). I'm at the point that I've been dreaming about salads filled with veggies, fruits, nuts etc.

So the big day is approaching & I'm about to switch back to a normal diet (yay!). I want to celebrate with the best, freshest salad Boston in January allows. Any recommendations for me?

I'm looking for something flavorful, crunchy & fresh. Meat/fish is optional. I want something where the focus is on the vegetables & where the flavor is coming mainly from the contents of the salad rather than the dressing if that makes sense.

I'm just west of the city & can drive or take the T - anywhere in the area is good.

Thanks for any advice you can give me!

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  1. If you are looking at coming downtown, Sebastians has excellent salads. They have three locations, on Summer St., near the Seaport hotel, and on Devonshire St. They have a salad bar where you have someone build a salad fresh for you. All the veggies are very fresh, there's a wide variety, and there are options for adding grilled chicken, grilled salmon, hard boiled eggs, etc. The contents are certainly the focus of the salad, not the dressing (which I don't usually bother with. I just put some fresh olive oil and balsamic on it myself).

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      fireplace grill in brookline on beacon street has some excellent salads for lunch. I like the cobb and my husband likes one with arugula, pears, pomegranate seed and walnuts I think. I also love the fresh salad bar at Russos and the one at Lamberts on Morrisey Boulevard. Since both are good greengrocers, the salad bar is never limp and the range of vegetables is very good.

      1. The salad bars at Whole Foods are pretty good.

        1. I seldom order a salad unless I'm at Rendezous Central Square. Steve Johnson has a talent for composing salads. Here's what's on the menu on their site today.

          Salad of frisée lettuce and Maine lobster with blood orange, pomegranate seeds and mint 11

          Simple salad of mesclun greens with sherry-mustard seed vinaigrette 8

          Boston lettuce salad with apples, cheddar cheese, spiced pecans and cider vinaigrette 10

          Arugula and escarole salad with shaved fennel, anchovy vinaigrette and toasted breadcrumbs 9

          That Boston Lettuce salad would be my choice in your situation. And, I may have to go and have one this weekend. It's one of my favorite fresh foods.


          1. EVOO,in Somerville near Harvard Square, has my fav salad of all time. The disadvantage of it is that I can never go to EVOO without ordering it. And it is very filling.It is the first one listed below., from their website. It stays on the menu; customers won't let Pete remove it!

            Soups & Salads
            Smoked Rabbit Confit, Organic Greens, Port Soaked Cherries and Toasted Pecan Salad with Shaved Vermont Cheddar and Grain Mustard - Rosemary Vinaigrette 12.00

            Verrill Farm's Garlicky Parsnip Soup with Duck Confit, Dried Cranberries, Thyme and Duck Fat Fried Potatoes 10.00 **

            Organic Lettuce with Chilled Roasted Roots, Parmesan, Crisp Fried Sage Leaves, "Above the Ceiling" Cured Lovejoy Brook Farm's Veal Bresaola and Apple Vinaigrette 10.00 **

            ** Item is available as part of our $38 Three Course Home Grown Menu. Please note that the Home Grown Menu changes daily and these are sample items.

            btw. this is family operation; not only are they talented in chefing and serving, they are just the loveliest people, and the room is very attractive, quiet and comfortable.

            EVOO Restaurant
            350 Third Street, Cambridge, MA 02143

            1. not sure how far west but I am still dreaming about a salad i had almost a year ago at Fishbones in Chelmsford Center It was called the Mediteranean Salad and I added grilled shrimp to it for a couple of xtra bux. It was sooooo delicious, greens, artichokes, olives, roasted peppers.... and a nice light lemony vinagrette...just delicious!