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Jan 7, 2010 08:47 AM

Jeremiah Weed sweet tea vodka recipes??

Looking for some yummy uses for Jeremiah weed swee tea vodka. Got some as a gift, and am not sure how to use it! Any suggestions would be great!

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  1. Toilet bowl cleaner?

    1. OK, I'll take a stab for fun. Never having tasted it, I'm assuming it is like tea, sugar, and vodka combined.

      Idea 1: I like a half tea / half lemonade in summer. Make a cocktail out of it by adding fresh lemon juice. I would probably also add some dark rum for that molasses flavor. For depth, I'd probably add some bitters -- orange would be good. You have to play with proportions for the sweet/sour balance.

      Idea 2: I like Lapsong Souchong tea. You could try adding it to a small amount of very smokey scotch. Now I like my tea with a touch of milk, but that just seems soooo wrong. The problem that I see is that the scotch is going to be so much better tasting without the vodka that you'd be better off drinking the scotch neat and while looking at the vodka bottle sitting on the shelf (Churchill Scotch and Sweet Tea?). If you could find an Islay scotch in a nip, that could be fun and not too expensive.

      Idea 3: Make a Cosmo with it. Cranberry and sweet tea sounds OK to me, but then it's not really my thing. Watch the sugar lest it get too sweet.

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        I sympathize with the very first poster. Flavored vodkas have earned a dubious reputation because of the careless marketing of really horrible products. However, the flavored spirits sector in general seems to be coming around, based upon my unscientific research (I'm a restaurateur who gets to taste a lot of the new flavors coming out). I haven't tasted the vodka in question.

        Kudos to EvergreenDan for "making lemonade out of lemons," perhaps. I smell an Asian-Fusion restaurant's signature drink in the "Lapsang Souchong Tea" recipe. What an interesting blending of ultra-top-shelf and mid-level products!

        The only thing I have to add is that I'd take the sweet tea-flavored vodka in question, add some Mandarine Napoleon, a little Tuaca and turn it into a "chilled hot toddy."

        1. re: EvergreenDan

          Turns out this has been discussed, and my lemon/iced tea idea was not very original. :(

          I was thinking about the Scotch idea. Bowmore Legend is $20-$25, so not too expensive to mix with. I finished a bottle of Bowmore a while ago and drank it neat, but can't remember if it was Legend or 10 yo, which is about twice as expensive. Maybe I'll buy a bottle of Legend to mix with.