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Jan 7, 2010 08:36 AM

Ferme - New Farm to Table Restaurant - Avon, CT

Greetings Hounds!

A new farm-to-table restaurant recently opened at the Avon Old Farms Hotel, has anyone been? The menu looks very interesting and a big step up from the previous restaurant, Seasons.

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  1. Meesch,
    Is this in the old Seasons location?

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      We have been meaning to go since a coworker told us about their Thanksgiving meal there. They went because it was the only place they could get a reservation at the last minute and they raved about it. It was still called Seasons at the time but were told that the buffet used as many local ingredients as possible and that the restaurant would be changing by the first of the year. They are quite picky so when they raved about a buffet, I put it on my list.

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        Yes; I never liked Seasons very much (nice space, mediocre food) but the new menu looks fantastic!

      2. I went there with my wife Saturday night. They have not changed any of the signage so just follow the signs to Seasons. The room is still pretty much the same as when it was Season's but that's a good thing. Very nice abiance and the live piano music is a great touch. There were only about four occupied tables when we arrived so I think they need to do some more marketing. My wife started with a salad which she really enjoyed and I had the PEI mussels which were plump and quite succulent. My wife's entree was supposed to be braised short ribs and scallops but they had run out of short ribs so they subbed strip steak. The steak was very tough and gristly and the scallops could have been cooked another minute or so. My first entree choice was the Sea Bass but they were out of that too so I went for the salmon with mushroom risotto. The salmon was cooked medium rare as I asked and was moist and tasty and the risotto was a nice accompaniment. Bottom Line: I wasn't blown away but I would go back.

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          Thanks for the post! Looking at the menu, I will definitely give them a try. I am glad they didn't change the room! Let us know if you return.

        2. awesome. meatballs are the best i have ever eaten! the sloppy joe sandwich is incredible. the only problem is that there are too many good dishes to choose from! room is a little out dated, wife and I are 37, NYC transplants. the price is right. our new fave, sorry mill at 2T.

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            I went two weeks ago, finally and embarrassingly so, since it's just 3 miles from my house. Wifey and I went for our anniversary.

            I would say it's a solid restaurant. It's the kind of place you expect to be better than it is as far as food goes given the menu, the farm-to-table positioning and the room/ambience. As a farm-to-table concept it doesn't compare cuisine-wise to 2T, ON20, or even Firebox.

            But it has many things going for it which will have me coming back. 1) very decent food. 2) easy: getting a table, parking. 3) wide variety of menu items from casual sandwiches to more sumptuous entrees 4) Value, value, value.

            I must emphasize point 4. Dang, this place is cheap for what you get. The above-mentioned french meatballs are indeed a standout on the menu. Served in small iron skillet with a rich congac sauce the delicious veal & pork meatballs are delightful. For a 1/2 entree order, which is a nice feature of the menu, you get four large meatballs which I'd say total 1/3 to 1/2 pounds. More than enough to feed a grown man. Price? Eight bucks. Wait, what? Are we back in 1981?

            The scallops and shortribs over celery puree was also well composed, hearty and satisfying. The half serving was four large scallops and four nuggets of rib, over the puree with port glaze.

            I saw very nice sandwich orders around the room. On the sandwich menu: reubens, duck quesadillas, house made veggie burgers, house-ground farm burgers, blackened-catfish tacos -- that kind of level. Served with fries and slaw. And the Price? Ready for this? Nine to ten bucks. Wow. A nothing-special burger at Elbow Room costs more. Heck, a Chipolte burrito is barely cheaper.

            So, rather than a fine dining destination, I will consider this place a top choice on my rotation for a very satisfying, value-packed meal. And next to the main small dining room is a casual pub with some dining tables, a piano (there's live music some evenings), TV's etc. One of these evenings I'll sit at the bar with a pal watching a game, eating one of the various charcuterie platters and be very happy.

            Hopefully they don't change a thing about the place.

            Here's the menu:

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              Great review, thanks! I'll take the duck quesadillas...right NOW!

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                Finally made it over there yesterday for lunch, you are right, the meatballs were a standout. I had the 1/2 portion, which was more than adequate. We also had a generously sized cheese plate and mussels. Everything was excellent, in fact I am going to try it out for dinner this weekend.

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