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Jan 7, 2010 08:35 AM

Insects in my Coriander Seeds

I recently purchased whole coriander seeds from a local south asian market. After a couple days I noticed tiny, flea-looking insects coming out of the bag. Upon further inspection I saw that the little mites were coming out of the actual seeds. What are these? Anybody else encounter this? Should I toss the seeds or is it safe to use them (they are getting ground and cooked and I have eaten insects. big deal?)

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  1. i'd toss it so they don't infest anything else.

    1. Yes,

      Get rid of it. I had an infestation from a bag of Asian market spices, once.

      Be glad that you've identified the source.

      The little buggers that I had roamed my house for MONTHS before I found the source.

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        done. now to find a store that sells whole spices on grand bahama :(

      2. makes you wonder if asian restaurants are using the same spices.

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        1. re: howlin

          thanks, guys. this really creeps me out!!!

        2. Great bug pictures! Makes me want to check out MY spices!

          1. I had exactly the same experience. Bought the sack of coriander 8 days ago from an Indian grocery and found the little buggers today and had to toss the whole lot. Eww! BTW, thanks for the pictures; I was too traumatized to document, but these are exactly what I found.