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Insects in my Coriander Seeds

I recently purchased whole coriander seeds from a local south asian market. After a couple days I noticed tiny, flea-looking insects coming out of the bag. Upon further inspection I saw that the little mites were coming out of the actual seeds. What are these? Anybody else encounter this? Should I toss the seeds or is it safe to use them (they are getting ground and cooked and I have eaten insects. big deal?)

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  1. i'd toss it so they don't infest anything else.

    1. Yes,

      Get rid of it. I had an infestation from a bag of Asian market spices, once.

      Be glad that you've identified the source.

      The little buggers that I had roamed my house for MONTHS before I found the source.

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        done. now to find a store that sells whole spices on grand bahama :(

      2. makes you wonder if asian restaurants are using the same spices.

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          thanks, guys. this really creeps me out!!!

        2. Great bug pictures! Makes me want to check out MY spices!

          1. I had exactly the same experience. Bought the sack of coriander 8 days ago from an Indian grocery and found the little buggers today and had to toss the whole lot. Eww! BTW, thanks for the pictures; I was too traumatized to document, but these are exactly what I found.

            1. I once had weevils brought to me by a friend who had bought spices back from India. Unwittingly we decided to rearrange the kitchen and moved them from one side of the kitchen to the other. When the little 'buggers' were finally spotted I had them in virtually every kitchen cupboard, it took weeks of cleaning and disinfecting/bleaching to dispose of them.

              1. They are wheat beetles, a.k.a. grain beetles.

                I Get them every once in a while in a box of dried pasta from the grocery store which is why I keep all of my spices and pastas in sealed glass or plastic jars. I usually do a quick inspection when bringing things home.

                They live off the grain itself and have pincers that allow them to tunnel thru plastic bags, freezer bags and plastic wrap thus why they can get into bagged good. They love pasta, spices and grains.

                Freezing kills them , but they are out there many places you look.
                I have a bigger problem with flour moths any more.

                1. I've had the pop up in the doggie treats from the open "cookie bar" at Petco a week or so after purchase. I assumed they hatched in the cookies.

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