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Jan 7, 2010 08:29 AM

ISO: harzer kase in Toronto/North York

I was recently introduced to this fragrant low-fat German cheese via a care package, and now I'm craving more. Apparently there's a "red bacteria" version too, which I'm keen to try. Does anyone know of a good source in Toronto? Cheese Emporium on Avenue had never heard of it, but I must admit that with a newborn in the house I haven't been driving around the city looking for new cheeses as much as I might like!

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  1. for all things cheese you might try cheese boutique, at least try giving them a call, they have a vast knowledge in cheese.

    1. i would also look into checking german deli's and stores like Vienna Fine Foods (416.759.4481 ) in scarborough, they had a fire recently but i believe they are back in buisiness, also try denningers . i am sure there are others but i dont know of them off hand.

      1. FOUND IT, brandt meats in mississauga carries this chees it comes in a clear cello pack with 2 cheeses the size of a hockey puck it is in the dairy case on the right just as you enter the store. they only carry the white version, the brand is called harzinger on the package and hausmacher bauerhandkase is also on the package. costs about $5.50 per pkg.


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          thanks so much! I can duck over to Brandt on my lunch break, as it happens.

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            The Harzinger at Brandt is Handkase (very similar but exactly the same as Harzer?) and it is excellent. Believe it or not, the handkase freezes beautifully. I suspect Brandts bring it in that way since I've bought packages that were still frozen on the shelf.

            For Frankfurter "Handkase mit Musik", marinate the cheese in Musik : 4T each olive oil, red wine vinegar, and diced red onion for 2-4 hours. Then serve with cracked black pepper and good buttered rye bread (also available at Brandts). Sprinkle with caraway if you like, but I prefer not. This should also be served with Apple Wine - but that's a whole other adventure...

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              OBTW, Denninger's (several locations from Oakville to Hamilton) regularly has it too. Call ahead to both places before you go though.

          2. YEAHHH !!! After a very long absence in Ontario, reportedly due to import difficulties, Harzer Kase has JUST shown up at Brandts in Mississauga. $5.99 for a package of four small Edeka brand rounds.

            They said the next shipment, if anymore come in at all, will be in October.