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Jan 7, 2010 08:28 AM

Pub Food Greenwich?

Looking for suggestions on a Pubby-type place in or around Greenwich. Not too loud, not too bright, good for a burger, good homemade soup and specials-type place. Thanks.

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  1. ginger man on Greenwich Ave sounds like the place for you

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      1. re: foodiefoodster

        Can either of you tell us more about Gingerman, I've passed it 100 times and never thought it was someplace I'd be interested in. Is it expensive? can I bring the kids? What do you like to eat there?

        1. re: debmom

          GMan - Greenwich is OK. Some of the attitude there typifies Greenwich Avenue though...and I find it a bit stuffy at times. Decent food and an OK tap list for beer. Kid friendly for sure albeit a bit upscale compared to the SoNo location, which I find WAY more appealing. Not only for the larger beer selection but the staff is just a bit more engaging and friendly I find.

          Kids menu listed. Less than a mile from the SoNo train station to boot.

          1. re: LorenV

            Agree SoNo location is much better. But as for pub food, I find both to be very underwhelming. Craft beers is their strong point. In particular, the burger just ain't up to much.

            1. re: Scotty100

              Just beware: Gingerman serves their burger on an English Muffin...

              1. re: rifkind81

                Just ask for their burger on a brioche, which some of their other sandwiches come on.

      1. re: mrsdebdav

        Just ate at Sundown with the family on Friday, hadnt been there in years. First the menu has terrific selection of the usual pub grub to good BBQ selections too. Prices are reasonable and the food was fantastic. Top it off with very friendly service and this is sure to be a new entry on our "regular destination" list. I had the pulled pork which was nice and tangy, served on two potato roll slider buns. We shared some of the ribs and must say they were delicious (never know with a non-BBQ-exclusive place). The kids had pasta and a burger and my wife had the cheeseburger sliders. All excellent. Great place to go with or without the kids.

        Sundown Saloon
        403 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

        1. re: bonacbub

          Doesn't Sundown Saloon do their burgers on English muffins? Some people like it, but that's a dealbreaker for me.

          I agree their other food is pretty good for basic grub.

      2. Get off the Avenue and head to the Chickahominy part of Greenwich. Two Door on Hamilton Ave is IMO the best pub in Greenwich. Their menu is a white board with 2-3 items listed daily - one is always a burger. And if you can get in there on a Fri night - their fish and chips are amazing. A real locals place.

        You can also head just across the boarder to Port Chester to Davy Byrnes (538 Willett Ave). Total dive Irish pub - another real loacl place.

        As a local - Greenwich Ave is just too Greenwichy for me to call anything on that street a Pub.

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        1. re: njensen

          Louis Lunch, who some say "invented" the burger, serves them on white toast and NO ketchup allowed. Hmmm.

          1. Ok, I totally know this isn't Greenwich but the only Pub type place I'd recommend in the area is the new place south of Ridgefield on Route 7. You literally feel as if you are in the English or Irish countryside with cozy environs and fireplace going. Aarrgh, I just googled it and can't find the name. It's on Route 7 at Branchville intersection. Guiness on tap, warm and cozy dishes and welcoming wait staff. Beware as it is packed beyond belief on weekends. Anyone know the name?

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