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Jan 7, 2010 08:12 AM

Orchid Restaurant Winter Park Florida

There is a Thai restaurant in Winter Park Florida named Orchid that serves a dish that consists of leaves that are dipped in variety of different things and eaten in hand. Can anyone tell me what those leaves are?

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  1. The leaves for the Mieng Kum dish are called Betel Leaves - in Thai they are called "Bai Chapoo" - they grow on vines and are seasonal in FL. Most people think that they are a weed and do away with them when they see them in the yard.

    Check out the wiki for the leaves here:

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      Dear Teeds-

      I apologize for my tardy reply - i have been out of the country and away from computers. I am familiar with betel leaves although have never seen one - I suspect they do not grow in Canada..

      Thank you for clearing up the mystery.