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Jan 7, 2010 07:30 AM

Gratia Afrika - great little Congolese resto in Little Burgundy

I wanted to mention this great spot again because it bears repeating!

Gratia (or Gracia) Afrika - 3506 Notre-Dame West, just east of Atwater.

I was there about a month ago and we had a feast of grilled chicken and whole grilled tilapia, with accoutrements (rice, beans, salad, fried plantains, and a fantastic homemade hot sauce...) for around $30! Unbelievable.

Bonuses: BYOW, very cozy ambiance, adorable decor featuring straw giraffes and the obligatory Obama/MLK poster, and the sweetest, most attentive owner you could imagine. It's a tiny place but it really does feel, as one poster described, like you're sitting in someone's living room. I asked the lady to play some African music and she was very happy to oblige. She didn't have everything on the menu but she patiently explained everything she DID have and her suggestions turned out to be wonderful.

We should all support this place and make sure they get through another brutal MTL winter.

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    1. re: Ghostquatre

      No - it was $30 for 2 people. We shared 2 dishes - grilled chicken, and fish.
      We didn't have any appetizer, and no drinks since it's BYOW.
      Hope that clarifies!

    2. That is just west of Atwater, not east if google maps is to be believed.

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      1. re: williej

        Whoups... typo... it IS west of Atwater.

        Google is right for once.

      2. Google also says Lionel-Groulx is the closest m├ętro. Lionel-Groulx is on two lines (orange and green) so that is easy to get to. Thanks for the suggestion.