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Mar 24, 2005 05:47 PM

Best company cafeteria/commissary?

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Anybody got any good company cafeterias to report? From my studio experience, I thought the Disney had the best, Fox second and Paramount and Warner Bros. were inedible.

Are there any good ones open to the public?

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  1. Try the Gas Company cafeteria on Fifth and Grand in downtown.

    There are plenty of better restaurant choices in downtown, but if you must eat at a company cafeteria, you could do worse.

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      The Gas Company is definately a winner. A very close second is the Department of Water & Power, downstairs, across from the Music Center. My choice when I'm in court and doon't have time to travel.

      1. re: TomSwift

        Another good one used to be the Mattel Cafeteria
        run by Marriott near the airport.

        I was taking some classes across the street and Mattel
        allowed the public into their cafeteria area. Mattel
        people got a discount, everybody else paid full price (which is only fair).

        Food was good, place was clean.

        Disney's cafeteria is not as good as it used to be (IMHO). Its now run by SODEXHO, prices are up and quality is down (again IMHO).


    2. I know you already mentioned it, and I don't know how open to the public it is, but the Disney commissary has to be one of the best places I've eaten a workday lunch for under $10. Everything is super fresh and perfectly prepared.

      1. The Disney commisary makes killer tuna melts!!! It's been a few years since I've been on the lot,hopefully they havent changed.

        1. The LA Times cafeteria is allright...not open to the public though.

          1. The new Warner Bros. (used to be Sony) cafeteria on Olive Ave. in Burbank is very good and as far as I can tell open to the public (I don't work there but eat there a few times a week). They always have about 5-6 different daily specials of different ethnic backgrounds, like Tikka Chicken plates, stir frys, curries, pastas, etc. on top of a great salad bar, soup and stew bar (excellent and varied choices every day) in addition to sandwiches (hot and cold) and gourmet wraps. All sorts of "foodie" touches abound in terms of menu items and condiments. By far it is the best cafeteria I have eaten in but I admit it is the only studio cafeteria I have tried. If others are markedly better, I would like to try them.

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              Thanks! Sounds like they improved since I was there a few years ago. Boy was that burger bad. And really, there is no reason there should be burgers that bad.