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Jan 7, 2010 05:38 AM

Yum. More news: feces in fast food soda

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  1. Sensational but not surprising. Coliform bacteria have been found on cell phones, airplane seats, grocery cart handles, department store dressing rooms, public drinking fountains, office water coolers, hotel dressers, paper money, workout equipment, iced tea dispensers, in drinking water, in the lake, in ice machines ... and those are only the TV reports I can remember off the top of my head. The world is a poop carousel.

    1. I think this thread is mistitled.

      No where in the linked article does it discuss poop in pop.

      Bacteria, coliform, or e.coli, yes. Poop, no.

      Also, not just fast food soda, but soda fountains in general (i.e. gas stations/convenience stores).

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      1. re: pollymerase

        "48% of sodas tested from the fast food fountains contain coliform bacteria, which is typically fecal in origin." Poop, yes.

        1. re: Samalicious

          Please point out to me where it says poop was found in the fast food soda.

          It says typically. It does not say the coliform bacteria came from fecal matter. If you follow the links back to the actual research abstract no where does it say fecal, feces, poop, etc. The blogger is merely stating one source of coliform contamination.

          ETA: This is a perfect case of not believing everything you read and to follow the sources. No where does it say poop was found in soda but since one blogger made the connection that coliform comes from poop now people are repeating it as fact.

          1. re: pollymerase

            Whatever. You win the poop battle. My only point is that that coliform bacteria is found on something different every six months and is reported in the same sensational way every time.

            1. re: Samalicious

              I'm not disagreeing with you that the coliform could have come from some sort of fecal contamination. Most of the samples collected were from self-serve soda fountains (i.e. those found in gas stations). It's highly likely that at least 1 (probably much higher) person did not wash their hands after using the restroom and then went on to get some soda. (Same thing for the many other instances you mentioned).

              What I'm simply saying is that it's misleading to say feces was found in fast food soda.

              1. re: pollymerase

                okay what if the headline was
                "Poop in Pop?"

      2. It doesn't matter if the coliform or other bacteria came from poop or somewhere else. It still got onto food-service surfaces in amounts that are easily traceable.

        It does matter that bacteria got there from either soiled washing cloths, or worse, hands that went un-washed after a trip to the bathroom.

        The study results are scary, until the linked article discloses that there hasn't been a soda-related e.coli infection reported in ten years. Of course, they hazard a guess that perhaps some incidents of infection went un-reported during that time.

        1. Don't believe anything from the Huffington Post.