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Jan 6, 2010 08:01 PM

Fishermen Clubhouse Restaurant - Looking for feedback

A Calgarian friend of mine had dinner at this 'so far unheard of ' Chinese restaurant on 4911 Steeles Ave. E. She raved about the 7 pound giant lobster dish as well as other 'wok-hay stirred fry' dishes. Has any fellow chowhounder given this place a try and can provide me with a third party 'foodie' critique before I round up enough friends/relatives and head out?

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  1. I heard good things about it but haven't tried it yet. It's mostly seafood on the menu. The chef is ex-chef of Ngau Kee at First Markham Place.

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      Ah! No wonder! Then the Lobster in creamy Rum sauce must be good?! BTW, was told price is pretty reasonable!-

      1. re: Charles Yu

        been there a few times...
        much more than seafood on the menu but the combo menus are made up of mostly seafood and those are definitely what you notice first
        what stands out most to me was the live snow crab.... steamed with some kinda egg white? don't quite remember what it was but really yummy! got a side order of noodles to eat with the liquid/sauce of that dish
        the geoduck clam and the "bai fung tong" jook cheem (whiting fish) are other favorites of mine

      2. re: ace123

        I've been there several times, mostly when I go eat with my parents since its their favorite restaurant. We always get lobster or crab when we go and the price has been reasonable thus far. I think I've had more variety for their free dessert there too, red bean soup gets a bit boring after a while.

        I heard that they opened back up for lunch service with some special seafood combos, haven't tried that out yet though. I'm going tonight for some late night eating (siu yeh) to check out what new stuff they have.

        1. re: sobos

          The ex-chef of Ngau Kee's gone.
          Would be interest to know if it's still good.

          1. re: ace123

            I have been going for a while like I said in my earlier post and it doesn't really taste any different to me but I'll ask my parents and see what they think since they're the ones that frequent the place.

            Just came back from late night eating and had steamed fresh lobster, I don't usually eat it this way but they recommended it so I tried it out. The part that surprised me the most was how amazing all the stuff inside the head tasted with some XO sauce, so rich and creamy. I usually shy away from that part but now I know I've been missing out.

            1. re: sobos

              That lobster dish looks great, what does it cost?

              1. re: foodyDudey

                I think it was $14.99/lb at that time for lobster so its around $70+ for that one.

                1. re: sobos

                  I was there yesterday and the food is pretty good. We ordered the set dinner for 6 people and added the steam egg for an extra 7.99. The total bill was $183 with tax excluding tips. The 7lb lobster was pretty good. It came with lot's of fried garlic! the crab was also quite tasty. I would definately go back again