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Is there really GOOD pizza in MSP???

I am from NJ and living here I crave good pizza. Punch comes very close. Any ideas??? Good thin crispy pizza with a clean tomato sauce and cheese. Is that so wrong to ask for??? Crispy bottom pizza that is thin and tasty???? wah wah wah.....

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  1. If you tell us what Punch lacks...????

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    1. re: MplsM ary

      Well, I'm doin' it. Gettin' me a Red's Savoy Pizza later. Anchovy, onion and 'shroom.

      I cruised The 'Net and read lots of reviews today. It really sounds like Imo's, in St. Louis, down to the grease and square pieces. Doubt Red's uses Provel cheese, but... It still may work. Everything I read made me drool.

      Lettuce hope after almost 30 years the ancient tastebuds' memory has dimmed a bit and Red's 'za works. I'm so tired of going pizza-less.

      1. re: green56

        It is not Imo's. However...

        I am happy. Very happy and for all intents and purposes have found my pizza home. Red's is prolly as close as I'll get to Imo's here.

        The sauce is the best I've had outside St. Louis; definitely the best I've had here in the TC's. Very flavorful with a taste of paste vs. a runny sauce taste. And NO sugar flavor!! Yippy-skippy!!! And oregano flavor!!! Really really good. And not runny so the crust didn't get soggy. Nice thick, flavorful goopy sauce that stuck to the crust and the add-ons stuck to it. I'm really impressed.

        Cheese to die for. Tons. Gobs. Heaps. And the add-ons were underneath the cheese as is a requirement for my pizza. It wasn't Provel, but it will work for me. Ittiz gonna work just fine, thankyouverymuch. Grease on the top o' the 'za, grease soaking into the cardboard. Yup. Good stuff.

        Crust could have been just a wee bit more crackery, but again this pizza is gonna work just fine. And loads and loads and LOADS of anchovies, onions and 'shrooms. So far, with less than 1/2 eaten there's been an anchovie in every bite. How do they make money on these things?

        I am happy. Really really happy. This is the closetest yet I've come to the pizza I grew up with and it's damn close. I will be getting pizzas frequently now. I really like this pizza and in my mind Red's is the best pizza in the TC's. (Burp)

        1. re: green56

          Glad you liked it. I get some Red's Savoy pizza every now and again when I need a greasy, goopy pizza fix. And it fits the bill. Did you eat in or take out? I recommend eating at the original Red's location on 7th. The charmingly surly waitresses are great, and the vibe is old St. Paul all the way....

          1. re: mtullius

            There is some inconsistency with Red Savoy. I much prefer the pizza quality from the Newport location, but the vibe in STP is great.

            1. re: mtullius

              I got take-out form the o-rig-a-nul. Not only is it close to me but I'd read about inconsistancies between locations.

              I'm not liking it so much leftover. The closer I get to the center and with reheating, the doughier the crust gets.

              If I could somehow get Red's to thin the crust more with less dough and rolling (or whatever) thinner, pre cooking crust and then adding goodies + Provel cheese, I think I'd have Imo's.

              What's with the snooty host staff? I talked to and dealt with a young woman about 20 years my jr that was upbeat, talkitive, positive about their product, nice to me and included the guy behind me in the conver, who was also waiting for a to-go... Seemes he somes at least weekly for "the best pizza in Saint Paul." She kept calling me "Honey," and I wanted to laugh as it's what I should have been calling her! She was most gracious and nice and when bringing my pizza to me - I had to wait 5 mins as I was early - she bid me a nice evening and mentioned again that she felt I would love their pizza. I enjoyed the service I rec'd and felt at home and valued.

              I am really impressed with the sauce. I had read about it as "spicey" but found it more flavorful than "spicey." Great tomato taste, not sweet and runny, but thick (pureed tommy-toes?) and laced with the perfect hint of oregano - not overwelming but definately there to tease.

              My biggest gripes - and they're more whines, wants, gimmies and regrets - that will not keep me from returning - are the crust and lack of the Provel cheese. A good marriage of fabulous tomato sauce with plenty of add-ons you can TASTE in each bite really go a long way to help [in my mind] other lackings. And truly, it's not their fault I carry this tourch for Imo's, it's my prob.

              Overall, I'm pretty pumped. Ittiz *the closest* I've come yet. If I can get them to work with me in off hours, provided I can get my hands on some Provel... I think I'll have my Imo's.

              Definately my first and fav choice for pizza in STP. I yust gotta whip them into shape! LOL!!!

              1. re: green56

                hate to say it, but i don't think you'll have any luck whatsoever getting provel tm on pizza in msp. you're in the dairyland now, so "cheese product" will be eschewed for real, actual cheese 'round these parts. ;-P

      2. Hi vinman,

        I am also from NJ, and I have tried to seek out NJ-style pizza wherever I've lived. Here in the Twin Cities, there aren't too many places which could pass for NJ pizza, but there are a few. The closest that I have found is at Broders deli in SW Minneapolis. I believe the family is originally from NJ, and they produce NJ/NY-style thin crust similar to what you would find over there.

        Another good option is Mesa Pizza in Dinkytown. Their plain (cheese) pie is good, and also could easily pass for NJ pizza if you ignore all of their novelty pizzas. They are known for their novelty flavors -- which incidentally, I love -- but their cheese pie is often overlooked as a good approximation of NJ pizza.

        Finally, you should try Black Sheep Pizza in the warehouse district. It is not exactly like most NJ places, but actually is more similar to places like Lombardi's in Little Italy; they are the only coal-fired oven in the Twin Cities.

        Other folks might suggest Cossetta's, Hiawatha Pizza Halal, Soho Cafe, Pizza Nea, etc. -- but those are not quite right for the style you seek.

        You might also find this blog useful -- pictures of most of the pizzas in the Twin Cities: http://s4xton.com/

        For reference -- my gold standard in NJ is probably Pizza Town USA on Rt. 46.

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        1. re: chrismpls

          I will chime in here if I may.......I lived in Philly prior to coming here, and upstate NY. Broder's is one of my favorites. I don't like Punch all that much due to the soggy crust...seems like the oven is so hot that they can't really cook the dough thoroughly or they would burn it. And they do blister it some. Lots of people love it, I don't. But that is Neapolitan, not NJ style.

          Soho, Hiawatha , Cossetta etc seem to me to be 'NYC'-style pizza, which is ok but has never been my favorite, too much cheese, too greasy, something, I can't exactly explain.
          I love the dryness and crunch of Broder's crust , the lack of greasy cheese overload, the good red sauce not overloaded on there either, the high quality cheese. They are definitely using higher quality ingredients there as compared to many of the NYC style places that have been mentioned, and it shows.

          1. re: faith

            Hiawatha is not true NYC style pizza in the style of thin crust and being coal oven or brick oven fired. Also the place is pretty lame as far as the offerings are concerned i.e. 1-2 stale cheese pies sitting there and then he adds the toppings as you order.

          2. re: chrismpls

            Black Sheep is great....but I can't speak from personal experience as to how it compares to NY/NJ pizza.

          3. A second or third vote here for Broder's in southwest Minneapolis. Consistently good NY-style pizza. I know they have a Greek pizza, prosciutto & arugula pizza, and some other "specialties," but I haven't found much reason to go beyond the classic cheese, pepperoni or sausage pizza. Too many complex toppings can destroy the beautiful simplicity of a good slice...

            One note of caution on Broder's: they have plenty of salads to accompany your pizza, and sometimes those salads are good. Just as often, they've been kind of un-fresh, like they've been in the deli case or the fridge too long. If you're looking for a side, I'd suggest assembling your own salad to go with the pizza.

            1. If you don't like Punch, Black Sheep is as close as you'll get, though their crust is chewier than most NY/Connecticut pizza. That is if good = that style (a premise I don't accept).

              I am comparing these primarily to John's, Grimaldi's, Di Fara, and Lombardi's. As there are no bagels here like the ones in NYC, so too is there no pizza that is really like that in NYC. If you want that...go to NYC. We also don't have pizza like the pizza in Rome here or beignets like the ones in New Orleans, or Texas brisket or NC barbeque...you get the idea.

              1. To be clear, your question is actually "is there good NJ style pizza in MSP?" The answer to whether there is good pizza would be yes. I'd also suggest you try what has been called MN style pizza (thin crust, lots of chese, cut into squares) at places such as Pizza Magic or Stadium Pizza.

                Personally, I have limited knowledge of NJ pizza, other than a a pie I ate in Newark which resembled a basic NY style pizza.

                I think that Psycho Suzies has the best local pizza, followed by Pizza Nea and Black Sheep. This topic has been covered ad nauseum in other posts, however, so I won't go on.

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                1. re: KyleThomas

                  If you are referring to La Famiglia in Newark Airport, that is not a good representation of NJ pizza. Crust too thick and bready, way too oily.

                  vinman will probably not like MN-style (crispy square-cut) if he is looking for NJ style. I'm not judging that style, just saying he will probably be unhappy with the result.

                  1. re: KyleThomas

                    Yup, KyleThomas. Psycho Suzie's has some good pizza! Thanks for reminding me.

                  2. Jfood grew up in NJ, lived in Chicago for a couple of years and now lives in CT, so he has been fortunate in eating some great pies. He now eats a bit here and there in MSP and has tried only a couple of pies in this area.

                    Here is his Broder's pizza review from over a year ago:

                    "The pizza arrived and Jfood had to smile. The symmetry was such that the pepperoni slices circumvented the exterior rim perfectly and each slice contained one slice of pepperoni. It was almost a zen experience seeing this symmetry. The pizza itself will never challenge the greats of pizza-dom. The crust was more white bread than semolina, the sauce was too sweet, the oven was not hot enough to crisp either the dough or the edges of the pepperoni, but sitting amongst all of these people, Jfood ate the entire pizza and enjoyed it. It was just a pleasant 10 minutes with locals and pizza."

                    Jfood has also eaten the pizza from Punch (Eden Prairie location) - It was OK and he thinks they are more into the chest pounding of how fast they can make a pizza versus competing with a NJ/CT pie.

                    Black Sheep - Jfood liked this pie and he ate there a couple of weeks after they opened. he had a good conversation with the owner when he finished, real nice guy and jfood will definitely return now that his ovenis more seasoned.

                    Pizza Nea - Jfood also likes this pie. He ate there after walking out of another nearby restaurant and was goinf to take-away to the hotel. As he sat at the bar waiting for the pie to cook he started speaking with the owner, and he stayed, enjoyed both the pie and the conversation. Also on the return list.

                    There is another place jfood has on the to-try list. Red Savoy's. He almost stopped at the Uptown location the other night. But since he was heading to Brasa, there was no way he was exchanging perfection for potential who knows what. When he does try it he will make the drive to SP for the original.

                    Jfood also had a pie at a small place on the corner of 50th and France in Edina. The pie was also pretty good.

                    Is there really good pie in MSP? Maybe, but really great pie, still to be determined. Now that it is cold, a warm pie taste a little better than in the summer.

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                    1. re: jfood

                      Red's Savoy is more the MN cut-in-squares variety. Which happens to be one of my favorites, but as someone else said, people with an East Coast understanding of pizza might not like it.

                      1. re: LiaM

                        Hmmmm...Red Savoy's, I love it (I love all kinds of pizzas, and am not wedded to any particular style), but it's not for everyone. It's that overloaded, heavy, salty, greasy, messy kind of pizza. Generously topped with zesty housemade red sauce and spicy housemade sausage. If you have a strong constitution, you order it topped with sauerkraut (I keep intending to, but haven't yet.)


                      2. re: jfood

                        2nd'ing Red Savoy. The Uptown location is just as good at the St. Paul original.

                        Tangy red sauce, tons of cheese.

                        Good Solid 'old school' pie.

                        I love Punch/Pizza Nea too, but it's not PIZZA if you know what I mean.

                        1. re: MayrMN

                          I used to have a BF who liked pizza. He liked lots of cheese on his pizza. I liked lots of sauce. The only pizza we both liked was Red's Savoy.

                          Since then I have moved on. New guy (for quite a while now - a keeper) and new pizzas. Like Black Sheep and Punch, among others. Not sure if I still like Savoy's but I think about the old days whenever it comes up.

                      3. Here's a thread that I consider the compendium of MSP pizza arguments. Scroll past the 2004 entries, and it picks up again in 2008.

                        There are some recommendations for NJ-style pizza buried there, and some other not-so-obvious options.


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                        1. re: KTFoley

                          When I was a poor college kid in Minneapolis, I was always a fan of Giovanni's, though I don't have much to compare it to. I thought it was pretty good, but what do I know, I've never been to NJ or NY.

                          1. re: McBoingBoing

                            Just want to emphasize -- that's not a compendium of the best pizza joints, but rather of all the arguments about pizza. :)

                            1. re: KTFoley

                              Where is Giovanni's please? and yes this board seems to love to argue about pizza.

                              1. re: faith

                                From what I can tell, Giovanni's is mostly outstate: Brainerd, Detroit Lakes, Willmar, Moorhead. They also make frozen pizza.

                        2. I went to Mesa in Dinkytown last night. Getting a pie right out of the oven makes a big difference, but that place makes a really good, straight forward pizza.

                          I like Black Sheep more than Punch, due to quality of ingredients and quality of experience. Like jfood, I had a nice conversation with the Black Sheep owner. Really a great guy, and really cares about his business.

                          Of the classic, square 'Minnesota style' pizza, I love Ronnally's in Shoreview. Been getting that for as long as I've been alive.

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                          1. re: BigE

                            I lived in Dinkytown for a few years, before Mesa opened and for a year and a half while they were open. I enjoy Mesa, but I wish they weren't putting the place around the corner out of business, Duffy's. They make more traditional topping pizzas, and I honestly prefer them over Mesa a lot of the time I want pizza. It's probably a nostalgia thing though. Mesa is a cool establishment though, I'm glad that they are expanding to Iowa.

                          2. I grew up in trenton, moved to philly and live in nyc for 30 yrs...i have experience.
                            Broders=good pizza. there is a place in n. minneapolis called papa"s . Nick the owner grew up in Chambersburg, he said he tries to make the pizza from the same recipe as Delorenzo's in trenton.. The garlic tomato pies, thats right, he makes tomato pies hit the spot. I need to go get one soon!

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                            1. re: buenosds

                              Be sure to get the Tomato Pie at Papa's. The regular pizza is the more traditional Minnesota pie. But, if you ask for a Tomato Pie, you'll get a reasonable version of the style you're looking for. (They also have Tastycakes, if those are your thing.)

                            2. Seriously the sleeper hit for east coast pizza has to be Joey Nova's in Plymouth. I don't need to go into my NYC pizza street cred, so I will just say that Joey Nova's is about as close as I've found to NYC style pizza (and they do a decent eggplant parm as well). It looks like any old chain place from the outside but it is kind of sneaky delicious.

                              Punch does a great job for what it is. But it doesn't hit the spot when you're craving the foldable slice for the corner pizza place.

                              1. Are there really BEAUTIFUL women in NJ???

                                Pizza like beauty is defined individually. Crispy bottom - Black Sheep.

                                1. I'm born in NJ (Bergen County), lived there and Philly for 29 years. Been in MSP for 7 years. The closest I've come to NJ style pizza in the Twin Cities area is "Slice of New York", at 25th and Nicollet. Punch, Black Sheep, Nea, and Biga are all good coal/wood oven, thin crust, but it's not the NY/NJ style 'by-the-slice' kind of pizza I believe the OP is looking for. If you're in the area, give Slice of New York a try - it's my go-to when I want something that resembles the pizza I grew up with.

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                                  1. re: foreverhungry

                                    While the offerings at "Slice of New York" pizza might be similar to what you grew up with in NJ, it is as you say not the true NY style, thin crust coal oven and/or brick oven pizza. It is similar to what you get in NYC at Ray's, Famous Rays, Ray's Famous or any NYC neighborhood slice joint and even then Slice of New York does not have the steady turnover that makes even the hint of getting a fresh slice very remote.

                                    1. re: foreverhungry

                                      I agree with foreverhungry that Slice of New York is probably the closest you are going to get to New York type pizza. It's hard for me to understand why someone would go there over Punch, Nea, Mesa, Luce, or Black Sheep (which I like much better) but it´s good, it´s by the slice, it´s cheap (3 dollars a slice I think), and it´s New Yorky. If you get a slice that´s not a common type it might have been sitting there for a while but it´s not hard to tell when a pizza looks fresh, just pick one that does. Also, if you order a whole pizza it doesn´t really matter anyways.

                                    2. For good East Coast style pie in the Western Burbs try Joey Nova's ( on 55 in Plymouth and 15/19 in Excelsior ) and Tino's onm Highway 7 in Minnetonka - both have foldable crusts with good cheese and real meat topppings ( none of that all purpose meat crumble some places use)

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                                      1. re: irishluck

                                        My employees and I have Savoy's about every 3 weeks, they love it but I think the sauce is a bit overwhelming and they use too much. I personally like Carbone's

                                      2. Definitely Broder's Deli and Joey Nova (Excelsior). The only thing missing is a bottle of Manhattan Special. Crescent Moon's Afgani pizza is supposed to be very good but I haven't tried it yet.

                                        Otherwise, Pizza Nea on east Hennepin and Psycho Suzies are very good. Reds Savoy and most of the rest I just don't get.

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                                        1. re: JulianPantangeli

                                          Joey Nova's, technically in Tonka Bay not Excelsior, is good and we order a lot of pizza there being the closest pizza place to our home, I kind of miss the independent Pizza Platter it replaced when they rebuilt the intersection and wiped it out. However, I am partial to wood-fired pizzas. Done right wood-fired is hard to beat. Punch does it right if you like Neapolitan style.

                                          I put a lot of time in at home making pizzas from scratch with the best ingredients I can find for the dough, sauce and cheese. In my next stage of involvement I hope to build an outdoor brick wood-fired oven. It makes all the difference in what you can do with the crust.

                                          1. re: Davydd

                                            What makes New York pizza special? Do they use local cheese from upstate cows that is superior to midwest cheese? I had Joey Nova's last night based on all the suggestions and it was OK but didn't blow me away. I'm starting to think that there is special "New York" magical dust sprinkled on all of their pizza, chinese, hot dogs, etc...that makes all other regional cuisines inferior.

                                            1. re: bob s

                                              I'm embarrased to say that I really like the pizza at costco. I prefer more of a chewy crust though and the ovens at Costco do this perfectly. they also don't skimp on cheese. I'm sure the cheese is from some conglomerate like Sysco but it's a darn good pizza for $10.

                                              1. re: bob s

                                                Hey Bob...if you would like jfood heading back out to MSP on Monday. Do you need some of the "magic dust?" He can put some in the suitcase. :-))

                                                You may not have great pizza, but jfood has to say that the dishes that many of your chefs put in front of him are about as good as it gets. As an aside since you placed SP in the A-List for pizza, in jfood's opinion, where would you suggest he goes for the one shot for all the review marbles? So far he has eaten in Pench (Eden Prairie) blech; Nea in NE - not bad; and the wood fired place on Washington - has some potential. Plus one down in Edina a while ago, Arezzo.

                                                Two weeks ago jfood was chatting with the owner of the best restaurant in CT and she asked him about the food. All jfood could do was rave.

                                                Be proud of what you have, but pizza is not a core competency. C'est la vie.

                                                1. re: jfood

                                                  I put St. Paul in for provincial chauvanism - not for A-List pizza. But there are those who profess that square-cut pizza is the best type of pizza in the world.

                                                  Having said that, I'm not at all concerned about our mediocre pizza. I love the food in MSP, and there are only a few places where I think you can do better in the U.S.

                                                  As for me, my local favorite pizzas are perfectly fine but not knock-your-socks-off kinds of places. Pizza is not a religion for me and I'm fairly happy with a fair-to-middlin' pie. I think the most noteworthy (if not the best) of my favorites is Punch, but I know that you have had a bad experience there. The rest are just neighborhood joints - Galactic Pizza, Luce or Dulonos.

                                                  I've not gone yet, but I'd like to check out Black Sheep. I don't know if it's the equivalent of Sally's but I'd love to try it.

                                                  1. re: bob s

                                                    Thanks B. Black Sheep is good, best jfood has found out thee, but shooting for Sally's is a 9-iron from 205.

                                                    1. re: jfood

                                                      Thanks for the heads up on Black Sheep. I won't hold my expectations of Black Sheep to equal Sally's (although - truth be told - it's been over 20 years since I've been there so my taste memory may not be valid anyway.)

                                                      1. re: bob s

                                                        Black Sheep is great, but it's not on par with Sally's or Pepe's. I'm from NY and have visited New Haven's pizzerias many times while visiting family, and pizza in MN just won't hold a candle to it.

                                                      2. re: jfood

                                                        I would be interested in Jfood checking out Joey Nova's and seeing if it is anything like it is out on the east coast.

                                                        1. re: kriminalrat

                                                          I'd also like to point out that there is a Joey Novas in Plymouth now too, and it is much easier to get to. I grew up in that area and a good friend of mine worked for Joey Novas in Minnetonka Bay. While on a map it might be closer, the roads to get out there are usually 30mph roads whereas the Plymouth location is on Highway 55 and is a clear shot from Minneapolis.

                                                          1. re: diearzte2

                                                            It all depends on where you live. Joey Nova's in Tonka Bay is a half mile from my house. :) The Tonka Bay Joey Nova's is one mile off MN Hwy 7 on County Rd 19, a 35 mph road. If you live in the SW suburbs it would be closer. But then does anyone drive very far for a pizza especially if take out?

                                                  2. re: kriminalrat

                                                    Pardon the interruption folks, but in order to keep the Minneapolis-St. Paul board narrowly focused on where to find the best chow in Minneapolis-St. Paul, we've split a discussion regarding "what Makes New York pizza special" to the General Chowhound Topics Board. Please follow that discussion here http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6921... and limit your discussion in this thread to chow available in M-SP.

                                                    Thank you.

                                              2. check out my post on zPizza in Roseville. It was really good and affordable. As good as Pizza Luce or Punch, but a lot less money.

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                                                1. re: sarah.j.morrison

                                                  Interesting that sarah.j mentions Punch and Luce in the same breath, when they are not at all the same style pizza. I'll have to check out zPizza, though. Thanks for the recommendation.

                                                  I'll agree with the above posters that Black Sheep is the best of the bunch (any style) in MSP.

                                                  1. re: foreverhungry

                                                    I think Fat Lorenzo's has a excellent pizza; great sauce, really good, chewy crust, and just the right amount of cheese.

                                                    Fat Lorenzos
                                                    5600 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55417

                                                2. My "provincial pie" is Sammy's. It originated in northern Minnesota in the 1950's. You can now get it in Brooklyn Park and in Coon Rapids. It's odd how I've eaten good pizza in many places - even Italy - but I always go back to the pizza I grew up with. I've gotten mixed reviews from folks who didn't grow up with it.

                                                  1. I love their crispy crust. It is thin and nice just the way I like it. I have never been to NJ so don't know what they have, but give my a crispy Dulono's Pizza any day. In fact, I think I'll go down there tonight and get me some pizza and listen to bluegrass music.

                                                    Dulono's Pizza
                                                    607 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408

                                                    1. In my mind: No. I'm from St. Louis and crave Imo's with thin, thin cracker-like crust, tomatoe sauce so good you could put it on pasta, the goodies *under* the cheese, and Provel cheese - a combo of Provolone, Swiss, and I think white cheddar - you can't find anywhere but in the Gateway City.

                                                      Carbonne's crust is close, but the cheese is wrong and the sauce too sweet. I've yet to try Red Savoy's,

                                                      I don't eat much pizza because I can't find any I like. :(

                                                      1. I don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but Mesa makes a slice that I would call foldable. The guy who owns the place is from the Chicagoland area though I think, and I'm from the Twin Cities, so I am by no means trying to imply I'm an expert on NY pizza.

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                                                        1. re: diearzte2

                                                          anybody like Dino's on thomas near hamline? how about grampa tony's on snelling?

                                                          1. re: zfwp

                                                            Dinos on Snelling? or is there a different Dino's on Thomas?

                                                            I like Grampa Tony's for delivery, but it's still MN thick, cheesey and sloppy style, for those looking for a certain kind of style...


                                                            1. re: The Dairy Queen

                                                              dino's pizza
                                                              1336 West Thomas Avenue
                                                              St Paul, MN 55104-2544
                                                              (651) 645-7719

                                                              (not the gyros place!)

                                                        2. I might be offending some people here, but that Red savoy's inn in St. paul is overrated. Everyone in St. Paul talks about Red's as the second coming---it's not. I've had it a couple of times and it was okay---but nothing to rave about. The Italian Pie shoppe is way better in St. Paul. Great stuff.


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                                                          1. re: alpa chino

                                                            alpa chino, I think the same, Reds is good but not even in the top ten in the twin cities, so overrated is a good way to state it.

                                                            1. re: cookkevin

                                                              It's funny, because just yesterday I was talking to someone from St. Paul. Somehow the topic of pizza came up and I asked him what's the best pizza over there. And a millisecond before I could say "Don't say Red's," He replies "Oh, that Red savoy is great." We both laughed.

                                                              Reds is not Tombstone and it's not Dominos, but c'mon.

                                                              Oh, also....I'm not sure what people feel about Uptown Pizza on Lake st, but I really like it. Their sausage is really distinct and their sauce is really good. I like their pizza.

                                                              1. re: cookkevin

                                                                I'm going to jump in about Red Savoy here. Look, I don't think it's "the second coming" or the "best pizza ever", but I do think it represents a certain style of pizza quite nicely. It's practically a caricature of itself. If this gloppy, greasy, loaded pizza is the style of pizza you enjoy (which I do, about once a year), then you'll love Red Savoy's.

                                                                If New York-style pizza or Chicago-style pizza or California-style pizza, or Nea-style pizza, or insert-name-of-state/city-you-grew-up-in-style of pizza, or Lahmacun or any other kind of specific-ethnic-style-flatbread is what you're in the mood for, then, well, Red Savoy's probably isn't the best choice.

                                                                On the other hand, while I like the housemade sauce at Italian Pie Shoppe, I have to say that, frankly, it doesn't represent the style of pizza that it is all that well. Still, I eat there because I think the people are nice and when I'm in the mood for deep dish pizza in MSP (without having to mail order or find it frozen somewhere), it's the only indie place (that I know of) to get it.

                                                                When it comes to a person's preferred style of pizza, live and let live, I say.


                                                                1. re: The Dairy Queen

                                                                  I had a former boyfriend who liked pizza with a lot of cheese and I liked it with a lot of sauce. Red's was the only pizza we could agree on.

                                                                  Eventually I moved on and haven't really missed Red's.

                                                                  1. re: The Dairy Queen

                                                                    Yeah but, but, the whole point of these boards anywhere on the net is to boast or whatever it takes to sound like you have a better reply than the others. Anyhoo, you're right about taste. Red's is fine for midwest style.

                                                              2. It's a little ways from the metropolis, but I had some very lovely pizza at Roma over in White Bear Lake (http://www.roman-market.com/Menu.html). They've got the brick oven thin crust and some interesting toppings. I had the Balsalmico: "Candied figs, Gorgonzola, and prosciutto finished with an aged balsamic reduction, gourmet greens, and fig molasses". It was delicious. (And of course they have "regular" toppings as well.)

                                                                1. Even in North Jersey the pies vary. My NJ standard is Reservoir Tavern in Parsippany, always an all star choice on Jersey Chowhound. Closest I've come in MN is Joey Novas. For a true test order a fresh pie rather than a slice that may have been sitting around for a while. Avoid the sausage. Cosettas' dough is thicker, but it's good stuff, plus you can stock up on supplies in their deli. Mangia bene!

                                                                  1. What is it with pizza snobs from the East Coast, Chicago or St. Louis? I travel often and haven't had a pizza that is anything out of this world or worth CRAVING. What sort of pizza do you prefer? Red's Savoy in St. Paul and Old World in Inver Grove are great, meaty, thin crust options. For thinner, nea pizza, Pizza Nea and Black Sheep in Minneapolis are both better than Punch. For frozen options, you must find a place to purchase Heggies. They are really good. Another frozen option is at the Buon Giorno Italian Market in Lilydale. They're not necessarily thin but they are very good. I had a bbq/scallion cracker crust pizza at Toast also that was delicious! I've HEARD that the pizza at Cresent Moon Bakery in NE is quite good also.

                                                                    Don't go to Luce. It's over-rated unless it's post-bar and you're not afraid of getting assaulted.

                                                                    Pizza Nea
                                                                    1221 W Lake St # 106, Minneapolis, MN

                                                                    2 Replies
                                                                    1. re: savvyguy

                                                                      Do you think Red's pizza is thin? It's been a while, but not sure I thought of it as thin. Have never had Pizza Nea (despite numerous recommendations) but have had Black Sheep (and liked it) but really don't think of it as thin.

                                                                      How thin is thin?

                                                                      Pizza Nea
                                                                      306 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414

                                                                      1. re: savvyguy

                                                                        Oh yeah, I forgot about crescent moon bakery, the afghani pizza. It's pretty good. Although, I wouldn't suggest putting the spicy sauce on it--stick to the regular red. I don't know about y'all but I don't like my pizza to be spicy hot. It also comes with a red or green chutney which is awesome.

                                                                      2. For all the East Coasters on here looking food good Pizza in Minneapolis/St Paul, I have good news.

                                                                        Andrea Pizza is the real deal They have three locations around the TC area, the St Paul one looks like its called Andrea's, but according to the website its definitely the same people.

                                                                        The family that owns it is from Cape May and they definitely know what they're doing. Its good sauce and the crust is excellent too. They have the sauce to cheese to crust to grease ratio down.

                                                                        The guy working there today saw I had a Phillies hat on and asked me if I wanted it "east coast" I wasn't entirely sure what he meant, but I said yes and he took the slice back to the oven and made it extra crispy for me.

                                                                        I've been there a number of times and I've never been disappointed. Anyone from back east missing home should definitely check them out.



                                                                        Andrea Pizza
                                                                        273 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55401

                                                                        Andrea Pizza
                                                                        811 Lasalle Ave Ste 202, Minneapolis, MN 55402

                                                                        Andrea Pizza
                                                                        330 2nd Ave S Ste 258, Minneapolis, MN 55401

                                                                        Andrea's Pizza
                                                                        380 Jackson St Ste 137, Saint Paul, MN 55101

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                                                                        1. re: samg316

                                                                          I've eaten several times at the Jackson street location. Didn't know they had others. I agree - they do pizza by the slice very well. Thanks for reminding me about them, I forget.

                                                                          Do you know if the two MPLS locations are open weekends? Or are all three strictly M-F lunch crowds?

                                                                          1. re: foreverhungry

                                                                            I'm rather certain the LaSalle location is a M-F lunch affair since it is in the skyway.

                                                                            I've not been to the other outposts.

                                                                            1. re: Foureyes137

                                                                              I'd bet money the St Paul locations of Andrea pizza are also skyway type deals, given the Suite numbers in their addresses...........the St Paul version of skyway that is...and that therefore would be limited to lunch hours during the week.

                                                                              ok, I found a website for them, it says hours are 10:30 am to 3:30 pm M-F. I called one of the phone numbers and the guy said the St Paul location stays open later occasionally if there is an event going on...

                                                                              here's the link for their site-


                                                                        2. joe sensors has an amazing white garlic chicken pizza!!!