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Jan 6, 2010 07:37 PM

South China Restaurant on Mt. Pleasant Ave. in Toronto. Have you tried their take-out?

Would love to know, despite their massive menu, is there any hope of some tasty real Cantonese food? Fattening is ok, greasy no.
Yes, I am this desperate for Chinese food in the North Toronto delivery area.
Please, please, please, post if you have had any success ordering something tasty.

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  1. I've been ordering from South China for years now. If you want "old school" North American Chinese food then this is the place. It's not fancy but they do not use MSG and they're very accommodating when it comes to food allergies. Now, I enjoy the occasional nouveau Chinese cuisine but when you have a craving for egg foo young with gravy on top or a crunchy egg roll or a nicely constructed beef "ho-fun" then this is the place to go to. They're open till 1am on M-Sat so this is great for those late night cravings. Oh yes- nothing beats their wonton soup when you have a cold!

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      Thanks SuriniG, good to know. So many restos here and still more new sushi places but very little creative asian food. fingers crossed for 2012.

      1. re: Idas

        I would not recommend this restaurant at all - nothing authentic about it. Especially given the vast higher quality Chinese food in GTA. I wasla lso desperate and order the ho fun and it arrived grey, lack of real flavour, freshness and demonstration of a chef that jnows what to do with the ingredients. Also ordered a chow mein - the noodles they used were instant type noodles.

        Congee Queen on Lawrence and Don Mills is infinitely better unfortunately they do not deliver but you can order in advance and pick up.

    2. You know where I would surprisingly recommend in North Toronto is C'est Bon for delivery (or take-out). It is not amazing but it is pretty good for NT. I used to go to South China as a child and liked it, but I don't think it holds up anymore.

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        I would echo Smudgebee's comments on C'est Bon. It's reasonable for North Toronto. The food is reasonably flavourful, and they deliver to our 'hood. It;s good for those "I am so tired I could collapse" pyjama and mindless TV Friday nights after a long week of work. It is perfect for that! :)

      2. My dad was the head cook there in the 70' and early 80's. I used to hang around the kitchen while he worked when I was a kid.

        It was a typical chop suey house, not really authentic Chinese food. I used to smirk at the people who eat there, knowing it was such fake "Chinese" food. But now I realize these chop suey houses were iconic restaurants for the Chinese immigrant in the 70's and were vastly more important than I knew. Brings back a lot of memory for me :)

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          Hah, I was probably one of the little girls you were smirking at. I do have a soft spot for that restaurant :D Thanks for sharing.

        2. China Feast on Bayview at Moore is always decent. Fresh food and no MSG.

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          1. re: hal2010

            thanks! I would have given my mama's lasagna recipe for a week inside a Chinese kitchen.
            I first learned to eat real Cantonese food at The Winds restaurant on Four Winds Dr. near York U. The family there, the Choi folks worked there EVERY day for about 30 years, then closed poof without a trace. I was eating there since 1990. I should have got the nerve up to ask them to chop onions in the back for a week in exchange for snooping around and watching. I will check out China Feast. Thanks for the tip.

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              wow, i'm around the corner - didn't even realize they existed. thanks!

            2. Congee Star at Don Mills and Eglinton. They deliver for free up to Bayview and charges $2 up to Yonge (I think).

              Congee Star
              900 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON M3C1V6, CA