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Jan 6, 2010 07:30 PM

Kale Vegan Restaurant on Yonge St, near Eglinton...any reviews?

Has anyone been to Kale, the new vegan resto near Yonge /Eg on the West side?
Love to know what would be good to try.

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  1. Haven't tried it but would if they were liquor licensed. Sigh.

    1. isn't it a pay-by-weight type of place? i'd just go and check it out and pick what looks good.

      1. It's the same as the place in Noah's on Spadina. I'm pretty sure same owners, and same food. The make delicious, moist blueberry muffins, best not to think it's tofu that gives it the texture. The actual buffet is hit and miss, skimpy and a bit dried out when I was there around 5 p.m. Healthy to be sure, but a bit tepid, beige and definitely expensive. Great if on the run and want healthy macrobiotic fuel like beet salad, kale, noodles, etc. But not a destination in itself and, like the guy who runs the place at Noah's, never do they (a family?) crack a smile or a signal of recognition though I've bought juice from the Noah's outpost for 20 years.