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Jan 6, 2010 06:51 PM

New BBQ joint in Henderson

Over the holiday’s I had seen what looked like a BBQ place getting ready to open at the backside of the Galleria Mall. (Way in the back of the parking lot, right about where the Old Spaghetti Factory used to be.) So tonight Mr. Z (SZ) and I drove by to check out the progress…. YAY! They are open. We are always looking for something new, and good BBQ is hard to find here, so we wanted to give it a shot. We sat in the bar which it seems is nonsmoking, with a ‘cigar’ room off of the bar. I had the Fiery Hot Links sandwich on a hoagy roll, with coleslaw, and SZ had the chopped pork sandwich with fries. My sandwich had the option (for .89cents) of added grilled onions. I wanted them but knew I would regret it with some serious heartburn, so resisted. The bar tender asked me a couple of times about the coleslaw decision, telling me that it is a vinegar base as opposed to mayo, but I think that is a plus, so I kept reassuring her that yes, that is what I wanted. The food came fairly quickly, and looked great. My Links sandwich had the grilled onions which of course I had to eat, couldn’t waste them! The flavors were really good, my sandwich was spicy, the hoagy roll toasted just right, and the grilled onions…mmmm The coleslaw was very fresh and a nice compliment to the ‘fiery hot’. The chopped pork sandwich was ‘outstanding’ according to SZ, he loved the tangy sauce and the pickles it came with. Although after two bites, he had to eat it with a fork and knife, but that didn’t take away from the flavors. The fries were just fine, pretty ordinary fare. In looking over the menu next time we are going to share a combination platter, ½ of a chicken, and two meats, two sides for $17.95. We talked to another patron at the bar who had been there a couple of times (his office is nearby), and he said the other meats come with different types of sauces, depending on the meat, and it is all really good.
Prices were reasonable - $8.95 Link sandwich/$9.95 Pork sandwich (dinner prices) and $3.00 beers.
We will be going back for sure.

721 Mall Ring Circle
702 641-RIBS

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  1. Thank you very much for your review JZee. I'm usually hitting Costco about once a week and had no idea this place existed. I'll definitely be swinging by there very soon.

    1. Thanks so much for the quick sighting and the cool review. The link scares me a little. The real pit seems like a big plus, but I've never seen a serious barbecue place with such a huge menu. It's hard to believe they can fire on all of these cylinders.

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      1. re: Dave Feldman

        I stopped by there this afternoon for lunch. I'd never been in there before, even when it was the Spaghetti Factory, so I was surprised by the size of the place. Unfortunately however there were only 3 or 4 other tables with people dining (plus 3 people having beers at the bar), so I hope a place this large will be able to sustain itself.

        Needless to say I was seated immediately, given a menu and brought a complimentary plate with a few small corn muffins and a bit of maple butter. The muffins were pretty dry but with enough butter on them they were edible.

        I ordered a "Meaty BBQ Platter" and a drink made with Strawberry and Banana puree along with some cream and blended with ice, sort of a smoothie. The Meaty BBQ Platter is your choice of two meats (quarter chicken, sliced or chopped pork, beef brisket or hot links) along with one side. I got the chicken and brisket, along with baked beans. Surprisingly it only took less than 10 minutes before it was on my table. In a BBQ joint I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Unfortunately however, for some reason my drink took much longer before I received it. In fact I was about 2/3rds of the way through my meal before I ever got the drink. Luckily I had some water to wash things down in the mean time, and the waiter apologized for the delay.

        As for the food, the chicken seemed to be nearly all dark meat and I really had to pick my way around to get a decent piece. The brisket had sort of an odd appearance and a somewhat mushy texture. It just seemed that the meats weren't of especially good quality. Also there wasn't much there, the brisket was 5 or 6 very thinly cut strips roughly 6 inches long. I assume the dinner portions are larger. That said, it was only $8.95 so it's probably not fair to expect a whole lot of meat, the name notwithstanding. One other thing to mention, both the chicken and the brisket came covered in barbecue sauce. Normally I don't mind my sauce a bit sweet, but this one was too sweet for my taste. After a few minutes I was really starting to tire of it. I believe they have another sauce on offer, and perhaps it isn't as sweet as the one I had. The "Real Pit Baked Beans" which I got as the side were quite tasty. In fact they were probably the best part of the meal with a nice smoky flavor.

        All in all I wasn't knocked out by this place, however I would like to go back again and try different meats such as the pork and sausage along with a different sauce, and have the sauce delivered on the side. The drink (once I finally got it), was fairly good, and the service was also fairly good, although as I mentioned earlier the place was nearly empty so I'd expect it to be.

        1. re: Whisper

          Whisper, I am disappointed to hear that the meat platter was as you describe. I was hoping that based on our sandwiches the rest was as tasty. (There is no sauce on the fiery smoked link sandwich, maybe give that a try!) We asked a few questions that were answered with ‘when we get the kinks out’ (like a happy hour). You don’t get a lot of time here to work the kinks out, so hopefully they put it together soon. Yet, we will probably give it another try in a couple of weeks and try something other than sandwiches.

          1. re: JZee

            You can purchase a $50 gift certificate for $19.95 plus around $3 S&H at the following website: