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Jan 6, 2010 05:28 PM

Actual Cafe: San Pablo and Alcatraz. Oakland

Went today for Coffee and Sandwich.

Looks like it just opened.

Nice space with a Bicycle and Local, Green friendly vibe.

(Huge indoor bike rack to hang your bikes and show them off to fellow bike lovers)

Had a Toasted Tuna Sandwich that was very tasty.

Came with some really nice and pungent pickled veggy garnish and greens. $7.00

Coffee was good too!

No beer or wine...yet?

Grand opening party

"Drinks,Snacks,Art and Music"

on Friday Jan 8th 6-10PM.

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  1. Be sure to get the empanada next time. Also the chimichurri sauce ... especially the chimicurri sauce.