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Jan 6, 2010 05:25 PM

Le Cirque Dress Code?

What is the general dress of the diners at Le Cirque? The Bellagio website says that the dress code is business casual, but as I sort through the internet results, it seems to have been downgraded from jackets and ties preferred, to jackets preferred, to the current business casual designation.

What do they really want and what will we feel comfortable in?

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  1. They really just want your wallet. Anything additional is for your comfort.

    1. I'd wear a tie, and make sure I was wearing my best blazer, at least. But then, I'm old fashioned.

      1. You'll find a wide range of dress. Wear nice slacks and a long sleeve shirt, and you'll be fine; some people will be more casual than that.

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        1. re: Larry

          Dress code thing is funny. I think these restaurants would love to have people dress up, since they got to the effort to have a formal menu and quality service. But they need to bow to the public, which for the most part doesn't want to dress up ever.

          I made a reservation yesterday at Alex and the lady on the phone made an effort to let me know they strongly prefer jackets for men, but then spent time telling me if I wanted to wear a collared shirt and slacks I would be welcome. I wasn't sure quite how to take that. I plan to bring a jacket.

          1. re: Bryan Gros

            I've been to Alex both with, and without, a jacket. I felt comfortable each time; there were plenty of folks in either camp.

        2. Le Cirque is a beautiful special occasion restaurant where the staff and most of the guests are dressed up. I personally wouldn't think of going there without wearing at least a blazer and dress slacks. Nevertheless, it is unfortunate (IMHO) that you will see a few people there wearing very casual clothing, indeed some totally out of line. Out of respect for the restaurant staff and other guests who are celebrating special occasions, I think you should at least wear very dressy casual clothing, or optimally for gentlemen, a sport coat, blazer or suit.

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            Interesting incident during our meal at Le Cirque two weeks ago: We were dining with friends who are Las Vegas residents. They had assured us that it was most definitely not necessary for my husband to wear a jacket at the restaurant and he packed accordingly. However, he did wear linen long-sleeve shirts to all the places where we ate dinner.

            At Le Cirque, he wanted to order the cioppino which can be seriously messy to eat. He expressed some concern to the waiter about potential mess. The waiter replied by saying that Le Cirque's version doesn't include as much liquid as other restaurant's versions. Since my husband has very poor vision, he can make a mess when others wouldn't and he repeated his concern. The waiter replied, "I'll bring you an extra napkin you can tuck in your collar. I wouldn't want your white linen shirt to get stained."

            Take away lesson: The waiters will serve everyone with professionalism, but they sure do notice what their clients are wearing.

          2. I had dinner at Le Cirque last night and saw something I've never seen before.....a group of six thirty-something's met for dinner. One of the men was wearing a collared polo shirt and baggy below the knee shorts. The hostess stepped into a small closet and took out a pair of trousers for the man to change into before they would permit him entrance into the restaurant. I've been to several restaurants where jackets and ties are "loaned" to the under dressed man, but have never seen a pair of pants loaned out. I thought of this post as I saw this unfold and thought I'd share. To respond to the rest of your question, other than this one man, for the most part, all the other diners were dressed well. I only saw a few men without a jacket, and none were in short sleeve shirts. The women were all dressed appropriately.

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            1. re: zook

              Having been at Le Cirque many times, I still think that my post above is good advice.

              1. re: zook

                The thought of "loaner pants" gives me the heebiejeebies. I would never put those on. Yuck. But of course I would never show up to a restaurant like Le Cirque in shorts.

                1. re: ttoommyy

                  No matter what you wear, the elegant glamour of the ambiance and the evening will inevitably be brought to an embarrassing standstill when Mr. X walks in with a pair of Eastern European working girls in outfits so chintzy and gaudy that you won't be able to stomach your food. If I had a dime for every time I saw this at Le Cirque, I'd be a wealthy man... and I am a wealthy man.

                  1. re: grimaldi

                    Sadly, I've seen this also...and unfortunately these types have to be seated. Fortunately, Mr. Angelov (the GM) tries to seat them in a far corner, a difficult task in the rather small and beautifully intimate room that is Le Cirque. Nevertheless, most guests dress nicely at what is surely one of the most elegant rooms in LV, or anywhere.

                  2. re: zook

                    We ate at Le Cirque last Sunday.

                    There were two large tables there that night. One seemed to be a table of 8 or so 40 to late 50 year old sales rep type guys who appeared to be attending the EDS convention in the Cosmo. Most were in khaki pants and long sleeve button down shirts with company logos. They were a bit on the loud side but not obnoxiously so. The only weird thing is that they appeared to all order different desserts and proceeded to pass them to their neighbor after one bite. Not disturbing, just a bit odd behavior.

                    Towards the end of our meal, a table of 6 late 20 somethings was seated. There was one guy who was a bit older and was dressed a bit rock star-ish all in black. The rest were in khakis or jeans with fairly casual shirts. Rock-star dressed guy was clearly the alpha and was there to enjoy the tasting menu. The rest of them looked fairly uncomfortable.

                    We had the tasting menu and both got the white asparagus, foie gras, sea bass, and duck.
                    Wifey had a souffle and I had the chocolate sphere.
                    We enjoyed all the courses and were pleasantly full but not stuffed.
                    This was our first visit to Le Cirque after traveling to Vegas several time a year for a long time.
                    I now regret that we waited this long to try it.

                    FWIW, I was wearing a jacket and tie. Oh, and pants and shirt too.

                    1. re: zippyh

                      It really does ruin the ambiance when you have larger groups which are often noisier, and especially so if they are not properly attired. This is such a beautiful and special restaurant where you would think most people would want to dress up, at least a bit.