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Jan 6, 2010 05:04 PM

Mexican NOT Tex-Mex in LA

Any recommendations for real Mexican food in LA? Not Tex-Mex but real gourmet Mexican food.

Anywhere in the LA area will do. Or even an hour or so out of the area...I'm always willing to drive for good food.


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  1. Babita probably fits the bill for gourmet Mexican food
    1823 South San Gabriel Boulevard
    San Gabriel, CA 91776-3929
    (626) 288-7265

    I don't think LA has as much Tex-Mex as you think.

    1. I would try La Serenata de Garabaldi, just east of downtown. You can even get there without a long drive if you take the Gold Line light rail.

      (323) 265-2887
      1842 E 1st St
      Los Angeles, CA

      La Huasteca in Lynwood is another good choice if you want to avoid Tex-Mex on the high end.

      (310) 537-8800
      3150 E Imperial Hwy, #100
      Lynwood, CA

      There are many other options for authentic, regional Mexican food in the area that is not Tex-Mex although I am not sure most of the settings are not gourmet.

      1. Follow the advice of Ringo Gato and Monku - very good selections.
        Tex-Mex has never really caught on here in the LA area to any significant level, as the real thing has become so prevalent, in all kinds of variations of ways.
        Loteria Grill is based on food from the DF, and is in the Original Farmer's Market as well as on Hollywood Blvd. with a 3rd location readying to open in Studio City in the former Gaucho Grill location at Ventura & Laurel Canyon.
        And Rivera downtown LA near Staples Center is superb (Read SIV in today's LA Times for a quick opinion), and Rick Bayless of chicago fame, per eaterLA, will be the chef overlooking the kitchens of the soon to open Red Onion on Melrose in the former Chocolat/Moustache Cafe space, just west of Crescent Hts. - have you seen the remake of that facility - someone is spending a bloody fortune!

        1. I'm curious as to why you think L.A. is full of Tex-Mex... cuz it ain't.

          As a matter of fact, if you put a gun to my head and asked me where to find a Tex-Mex restaurant, well...

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            Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

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              Too much sugar in the coffee...

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              Marix Tex Mex in Santa Monica Canyon, just off the PCH. Now could you put the gun away, please?

              I wouldn't know where to find gourmet Mexican either. But for authentic non-gourmet Mexican...well, I have a hard time walking down the street without tripping over them.

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                When I see 'gourmet' being used as an adjective, it makes my eyes bleed.

                Since this is TheDiabolicalCupcake's very first post, I'm guessing she is just beginning to explore LA's vast pantheon of real Mexican food. (I'm also guessing that she's using "Tex-Mex" as a catch-all for "Americanized Mexican food", and by "gourmet" she means "not El Torito or Baja Fresh".)

                The recs above are good. I'd add Chichen Itza's 6th street location to the mix. Yucatecan food is quite unique.

                Mr Taster

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                  Hey, man, is thataway -->


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                    I know, I know... it's one of my character flaws :)

                    Mr Taster

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                      and yet you write "quite unique" as though unique could be modified. ;) hi taster.

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                          "deserved" - Is that where someone takes away your plate before you're done eating? ;-D>

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                    Chichen Itza closed it's 6th Street location and now serves dinner at the Mercado La Paloma Location.


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                      Wow, really? When did this happen? For the OP's edification, the 6th street location was a stand-alone restaurant whereas Mercado La Paloma has a sort of food court of sorts. However, even at this location, CI hardly serves up steam table fare. Beautiful, tasty dishes on large ceramic plates. The atmosphere, however, might bother someone who cares about those things.

                      Mr Taster

                2. re: Joe Blowe

                  Marix, on (I think) Kings Road, just above Santa Monica. Just so you don't get shot...

                3. I wholeheartedly second Rivera and Babita as well as La Serenata de Garibaldi. Rivera gets top billing overall from me for its wonderful ambience and dynamite bar. Babita and La Serenata serve only beer and wine. Babita’s sangria, however, is world-class!

                  To the above, I must add:

                  La Casita Mexicana
                  4030 Gage Ave.
                  Bell, CA 90201
                  (323) 773-1898
                  Serious, upscale Mexican cuisine. The two chef/owners, Jaime and Ramiro are prodigous aficionados of traditional "cenaduria" Mexican alta cocina who do it up right and insist upon keeping it real. Fabulous posole, queso fundido and chilaquiles. Extraordinary moles. Exquisite chiles en nogada when in-season. Inquire about off-menu specials. No alcohol.


                  Bon Appetit!

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                    I remember a year or two ago that some claimant from the Bay Area sniffed about La Casita not having alcohol. It may have been a snort, actually. For me, as much as I love good wine and Hank-hard liquor, the dry table merely adds to their food-central appeal.

                    Let's not forget to mention the excellent-to-great soups and those mole-dripped chips. And the simple mound of white rice with a slice of fresh, raw jalapeño is exquisite. Sushi-fans, where are you?

                    You've hit the high notes, degustateur. La Serenata, Babita, La Casita. Those are the places.