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Jan 6, 2010 04:17 PM

seville oranges available

I bought some seville oranges today at Akhavan on Sherbrooke at Grand Boul. for marmalade. They're $1.99 / lb. I'm not sure if the PA on Fort has them yet or not, but just letting you know they're available now.

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  1. Great--thanks! I smell marmalade...

    1. For the sake of reference, last year, I got my Sevilles over at Rocky Montana; they were cheaper there. I'll skip this year: I still have marmalade leftover from last year's marmalade making obsession LOL!

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      1. re: TheSnowpea

        Seville oranges aren't just for marmalade. They're great in seafood dishes (I often squeeze them like a lemon over simply roasted, broiled or fried fish) and are my favourite citrus for ceviche. And they're key for roast chicken with Seville oranges and cumin, a report on which -- with a link to the recipe -- you'll find here:

        1. re: carswell

          I use my seville marmalade in making an oil & wine vinegar salad dressing. I've heard of using seville oranges in making ceviche and roasting chicken but hadn't tried it yet as I tend to use all mine in marmalade, thx Carswell for the link.

          1. re: carswell

            Great suggestions! I always keep limes and lemons in my fridge for cooking and for drinks; I'll give Sevilles a whirl as well!

        2. They are in fact available at PA on Fort. Don't recall the price, but they are defiantly available.

          1. I bought a whole bunch today -- 12 for $6 at the JT Market (Chez Louis, I think?).

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            1. re: fraisefatale

              Yep - that's where I got mine! (I think it was 6.99 though. Not that it makes much difference)

              1. re: fraisefatale

                Fraisefatale - I made four litres of marmalade from those Chez Louis seville oranges last night. And let me tell you - it was mad good.

              2. better yet, where can I get some miracle fruit to make the best of seville season

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                1. re: celfie

                  That's funny, because that's the same idea I had when this thread popped up :)
                  Do a search on and you'll find some purveyors for miracle fruit. The tablets, anyway.

                  OOC, are seville oranges usually so... light? I've never bought them before and, having not cracked into them yet, the ones at Akhavan almost seem hollow compared to a juicy navel or so on.

                  1. re: afoodyear

                    Seville oranges have a lot of pith under the rind and the meat of the orange is heavily studded with seeds and quite juicy.

                    Here's a link I found with photo of sliced orange