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Jan 6, 2010 03:21 PM

Romantic fun dinner rec, London.


Its my anniversary friday night and I have yet to decide on a venue! Looking for somewhere a bit special and romantic, but not too serious/snobby. We are 23/25 - budget no more than £30 - 40 each (not too fussed about wine). Central, east or north london preferred. We like italian, japanese, asian/mediterannean in general... We don't eat pork/shellfish. Love fish and veggies!

and also somewhere I will be able to book at this notice!

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. I think Andrew Edmunds in Soho is one of the most romantic places in London and would fit within your budget. Maybe also try Yauatcha - you should be able to get in for Friday

    1. You may want to try the Bleeding Heart Bistro. It is in a square that is off the beaten path and quite reasonable.

      1. Andrew Edmunds definitely fits your bill. It was the first restaurant I took my wife to when we arrived in London and she loved it. We've been back plenty of times.....

        1. thanks all... i had looked at andrew edmunds but it just didn't seem our thing. definitely want to try Yauatcha at some point but dim sum is v restricted on choice for us. We ended up going to Latium - bit quieter than our usual haunts but a real treat, relaxed but sophisticated and lovely service. And ravioli which looked like flowers :)