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Jan 6, 2010 03:02 PM

Hana Maui- dining

Can anyone suggest great places to eat in or near Hana?? Any good vegetarian options?
What about the best breakfasts (especially in Hana,
appreciate the help!!

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  1. Have you done a search? There aren't too many results, but here is the link.

    I've noticed that most of the people who post here about Maui aren't locals but are tourists. And it seems that a small percentage go and stay in Hana. So that is probably why you won't find too many posts on Hana. I did stay in Hana one night but chose to cook my food, picking up groceries at Mana Foods (a health food store) in Paia. For breakfast, I had some fruit and banana bread. So sorry I can't help you in terms of restaurants. Perhaps other readers can chime in.

    1. Basically you have the Hotel Hana Maui dining room and the Hana Ranch Restaurant, plus a couple of takeout spots...that's it.

      We were lucky ... went to the ranch store and a boat had just come in with spanking fresh ahi and we had sashimi for dinner, along with a local avocado and some local lettuces for a salad...Also made our own breakfast with local papaya and coffee, but we stayed in a "condo" with a refrigerator and stove.

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        I totally agree, there is not much in Hana. At the Hana Maui you will get a good meal. For breakfast they had eggs benedict served with local fish. They also had some fresh juice and smoothie options. Hana Ranch is a good spot for a quick grilled chicken and fries. I did not visit the take out spots.

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          We just came back from Maui having spent three nights in Hana. We tried a couple of the take out spots located on the Highway to Hana at mile marker 29. These road side eateries are located at the Nahiku Marketplace that caters primarily to the tourists. This place has a coffee shop, a Chinese, a Taco/HotDog joint, and a Thai kiosk.
          We had Kung Pao Chicken which was strictly OK. This Chinese vendor also serves fish and chips. I do not recall what type of fish the cook used, but found it to be very chewy and overdone. My favorite was the fresh papaya salad from the Thai vendor. I believe her name is Jane and runs a one woman show. She took out her traditional wood mortar and pestle and made the salad the tradional way just like she would make it home. She even asked me to try the salad and tweaked it to my taste. That was the best papaya salad I have ever had. We went back the next day and had curry chicken and shrimp pad thai. They were good too.

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            The best food I've found was at a Thai resturant just before you get to the Hana Hotel/community center. It is on the left side of the road (there are a couple of sandwich boards around Hana pointing youto the place). It was pretty cheap, and my gf and I had the curry cooking on the counter - we didn't bother to order anything from the menu, but it was delicious, and cheap. It came plate lunch style, and it wasn't geared toward tourists - only locals (and they were definitely local) were eating there. I don't think it had a name, besides "Thai food."

            Mr. BT

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              Bruddah Hut's BBQ - roadside/front yard BBQ plate lunch spot was delicious. Its just past Hana on the way to the Oheo pools. He has a few plastic tables and chairs and the "kitchen" is under a canvas canopy in his front yard. Very casual and very local. I was way into the Kahlua pork tacos and tropical salsa! Da kine grind!

      2. Try Hana Fresh Farm Stand at the entrance to Hana. Awesome menu, fresh and organic grown on their farm. Friendly service. We loved eating there during our stay in Hana.