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Jan 6, 2010 02:44 PM

What is your favorite filling to go perfect with a White Cake (Rose Levy Beranbaums) ++

Once upon a time I had an incredible cake that was a white layered cake and the filling apparently was a white chocolate - completely white, and was really whipped and light and airy ... there were also fresh berries.

I want to do this!!!!!!!!

I have the cake part ... now I need your genius help with the filling!!!!!!!!

It doesn't have to be white chocolate, just white! Thank you.

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  1. A coconut/cream cheese filling with raspberries.

    1. Could it have been a white chocolate mousse? I haven't made one in years but I used to make a white cake a/ white chocolate mousse filling and raspberries or strawberries that was perfect for summer.

      1. White chocolate ganache?