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Jan 6, 2010 02:36 PM

Venue for San Diego celebration dinner

I am planning a celebratory dinner to honor someone's service to a national medical society. Any suggestions for a venue that would accommodate 100-125 people, up to $125 per person?

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  1. For a group that size, and with that budget, you're pretty much looking at the same venues that would be used for weddings.

    I would try the private room at the Prado. Great location, decent food, etc.

    The Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla (and downtown as well, i think) does private group functions too.

    1. The Birch Acquarium hosts events in the foyer and is a nice venue. Guests can wander around in the exhibits and have drinks on the outdoor patio. The only downside is that it is echo-y b/c of all the tile and hard surfaces.

      May want to call Addison in Del Mar. They have large private rooms and the largest may be able to fit your party.

      Nine-Ten is adjacent to the Grande Colonial Hotel, as is Kitchen 1540 at L'Auberge in Del Mar. Both restaurants may be able to "cater" in the larger hotel ballrooms.

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        "The Birch Acquarium hosts events in the foyer and is a nice venue."

        Good low profile tip.

      2. ROYS has private rooms. I think you could also do something at MR A's for that amount of people and the budget. You should call and talk to the manager, I think her name is Penny.

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          I don't think Roy's has private rooms large enough to hold 100-125 people. The 2 rooms at the front of the UTC location holds maybe 1/2 of that #.

          Mr. A's would be a nice venue for this, if you could rent out the whole space.

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            I have done that in the past. They have the room that faces the park, it is perfect, it even has the patio which would be great to watch the sundown and have drinks.