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Jan 6, 2010 01:33 PM

Roasted Peppers in Mam'k

Took a group for lunch there. Not bad at all. Nice place. Bright and cheery interior. friendly servers but a bit slow at least for lunch. Fantastic calamari. The lemon/lime tartar sauce was special. great griddled bread at start. Everyone had sandwiches. All were super especially the chicken panini. desserts looked good but too full. A great spot on a cluttered avenue filled with mediocre grub. They only need a liquor license and for dinner we shall go.

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  1. not helping themselves by not letting you byob.On
    general priciple i wont dine there ever

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    1. re: ronhall51

      I wouldn't go so far as to say I'll never dine there, but it really irks me that they won't let you BYOB while they wait for their license-- or at least give you a free glass of wine with your meal. Having a glass of wine is such an essential part of a dinner out to me that I wouldn't think of going there until they have a liquor license. Seems like a bad policy when a new restaurant wants to build a business.

      1. re: Shawn

        that was my point shawn.When opening or operating a restaurant food is not the only issue its just part of the total experience.If you ever went to a peter kelly restaurant you would see what i mean.From the greeting till the time you leave it is a pleasant experience.That i think is as much a reason for his sucess as his food

      2. re: ronhall51

        Does it say somewhere that they will not allow you to byo? Or have you experienced this? I'm just wondering because from the original post, I didn't get that they wouldn't allow byo, but only that the OP was waiting for the license to return. I mean, byo is great if you drink wine, but not so great if you like a martini.

        1. re: valerie

          Valerie, I read somewhere that you couldn't byo. I think it may have been Liz Johnson's blog.

      3. I ate there the week it opened. I gave my review in this thread.

        I recall when I ate there that they said we could bring our own wine when I made an inquiry about it.

        Has anyone noticed that it seems like most of the new restaurants can't seem to get a liquor license? I was at Hector's a few weeks ago. They've been open for a while, but still didn't have a liquor license to serve the sangria listed on the menu. I'm wondering about La Herradura. They didn't have one the two times I went there. I went there prior to going to Hector's and they're newer than Hector's, so I suspect they don't have one yet either.

        What's the deal with the liquor license holdup? Ever wonder if something fishy is going on?

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        1. re: Avalondaughter

          So, to sum up, they have excellent calamari and a diner can bring their own wine?

          Sounds like a nice place to try!

          1. re: Avalondaughter

            I think it's NY State. I was talking about this with a totally above board man with an established pizza parlor who built a new building for his restaurant and wanted to serve wine, etc. Several months after opening, he was still waiting for his license. Plus, he had to hire an attorney to handle the paperwork and follow up on whatever else the State required.

            1. re: Maryld

              Mr Rose of the SLA had promised to speed licensing, but looks like he's not as yet successful:
              Reprehensible that the SLA is crushing small businesses, especially in this economy.

            2. re: Avalondaughter

              The SLA has been making it tougher for restaurants and bars to obtain a liquor license. There was bit of a scandal involving the new york state liquor authority over the summer. You can google it and read about it.

            3. We went there last night. We were able to bring our own bottle of wine, so it turns out that the BYO thing is not an issue.

              Business was fairly slow on a Sunday night. The interior is fine-- a little bright and sparse for great dinner ambiance, but not bad. Service was friendly and helpful. They started us off with some thinly sliced, grilled bread and hummus. Really good-- especially the bread! We split a few apps to start with. The stuffed peppers were very tasty-- half a roasted red pepper stuffed with meat and veggies and half a green pepper stuffed with a cheese mixture. Also had the grilled vegetable stack, which was smoky and very nice, served with an avocado mousse and a fresh arugula salad. For entrees my husband had the half roast chicken. A very generous portion served with sauteed spinach and butternut squash. He said the chicken was good, but slightly dry. I had the fish tacos. I liked them, but they were a little flat-- they needed a bit of an extra kick, but I'm not sure what.

              All in all, we enjoyed our dinner. The prices were reasonable (most entrees in the teens and low 20's), the dishes showed some imagination and the experience was a good one. I have the feeling that as the place evolves it will get even better, and it's a welcome change for the area. We'll definitely go back.

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              1. re: Shawn

                was the stuffed green peper basically a chile relleno type of dish? the bread is good with that buttery slightly grilled taste.

                1. re: cubanat

                  Yes, it was pretty similar to a chile relleno dish. Very tasty! Watching the apps going out to other tables, the mussels and the guacamole looked good, too.

                2. re: Shawn

                  That's precisely how I felt about my dish. It was well-prepared, but was flat. No kick to the sauce.