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Jan 6, 2010 01:29 PM

Wrap-up: Richmond B.C. Chinese food and a thanks to Chowhound

In fall of 2008, when I was planning a visit to Vancouver B.C., I asked the Chowhounders for advice on Chinese food in the area, and received a lot of useful suggestions. The best was to ride the new SkyTrain Canada Line to Richmond to find good eats. Some here were referring to it as the "Orient Express" because of the high number of Chinese and other Asian establishments to be found along the last three stations of the route.

I recently put together a brief recap of my experience. Unfortunately I only had time to eat at two places, but I do plan on returning, and the advice from Chowhounders was well worth following.


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  1. Great blog post route99west. Make sure to post here next time you intend to come up. We can help you with specific recommendations. Good to know that you had a good time.