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Best Philly Cheesesteaks in DFW?

Is there a really good original cheesesteak place in the Dallas/Ft Worth area?

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  1. the only respectable cheesesteak I've eaten in the area is from Billadelphia in Bedford. My friend (from Philly proper) and I (from the Philly suburbs) agree on this. They provide the steaks with actual cheese or with Wiz (if you lean that way). Their merits have been discussed and debated here:

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      Thanks!! I really appreciate all of your suggestions!! Definitely gonna check out Billadelphia....

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        gavlist - Thanks for the recommendation. I have never known of any good cheesesteak places in North Texas. We will definitely try it out.

      2. Go to Greenville by the Cost Plus and they have Texidelphia. I been to Philly and these are miles better than theirs.

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          sorry OCNC. Texadelphia is a joke (or at least it was the two times I went, most recently 5 years ago). These are nothing like a Philly cheesesteak. Perhaps you like them better - that's fine. I'm not gonna judge... but if someone is looking for a Philly cheesesteak, they will not be satisfied with Texadelphia.

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            With all due respect, the OP was asking about authentic Philly cheesesteaks. If you prefer Texadelphia to those from Philly, you probably don't like the real thing.

            To the OP - if a place says they import bread from Philly and offer Whiz as an option, odds are good that you're as close to authentic as you could possibly be in this state.

            And yes, buy a pack of Tastykakes' Kandy Kakes for dessert.

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              The OP asked for a really good ORIGINAL cheesesteak place. IMHO an authentic cheeseteak would be UNORIGINAL because there is nothing new about it.

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                Fair point, but by mentioning PHILLY in the thread title one can assume the OP wants something resembling a Philly cheesesteak; Texadelphia's does not. I'm sure this seems like semantics to most, but to people born and raised in Philly, it makes sense.

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              And wash it all down with the Birch Beer.

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                Oh my god. They carry birch beer? Is it Pennsylvania Dutch?

                I'm far too lazy to drive out to HEB, but this might just do it.

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                  I believe so but I'd call them before making the drive. Be aware that this is just a little kiosk like place in the middle of a parking lot. They have a drive-thru, a walk-up window and a couple of picnic tables on the side of the building. So not a great idea during foul weather unless "to-go" is the plan.

                  It's been about a year since I've been and I don't know what these products are, but they used to and may still have scrapple and pork roll on the menu. The cold subs (Italian) are very good too.

                  I looked for their web-site, but it's disappeared. Maybe it's just temporarily off-line and a try-later would get it. It used to be http://www.billadelphias.com/

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                    I've been to both the Arlington & Bedford locations. The Arlington location has been closed for a few months at least. They did carry Pennsylvania Dutch (fountain) the one time I stopped by, so I'm pretty sure the original location has it as well. I came across a .pdf file of their menu. There's no mention of birch beer (the website I got it from posted it in '06), but you can always call to verify.


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                      Go to Billadelphia. http://www.billadelphias.com/

                      Bedford and (new) Ft. Worth locations.

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                    Ok so...I work at a culinary school and food is pretty much my life so I feel that I have to chime in on this Texadelphia issue. I am a Longhorn(Hook 'Em) and Texadelphia is an Austin original so I want to love them BUT....

                    Their Cheesesteaks are the biggest, lamest, limpest joke of a sandwich I have ever encountered. Mozzarella cheese and sweet peppers. Really? Only on a sub.

                    I can't tell you how disappointed you will be with that place if you are looking for a legit Cheesesteak.

                    My 2c.

                  3. I think Fred's Philly is about the best cheesesteak you can get around here. The original location in Plano on 15th St is the best, IMHO. I live in Allen, where they have opened a satellite Fred's, and I drive into Plano to go to the mothership. I like sweet peppers on my cheesesteak (yeah, I know it's heresy), and the Allen location is ALWAYS out of sweet peppers (or maybe they never order them).

                    As far as I know, however, no Wiz is available at any of the Fred's, if that's a showstopper.




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                      Havent tried Fred's, but I'll cosign on what gavlist said about billedelphia. That the closest to the real thing that ive had around here. They ship in their bread and tastycakes from Philly. And they do em up cheese whiz style if thats what you dig. Its pretty much take out only, though. Unless you want to eat at one of the benches that they have right beside it. Im not sure, but I think that a few years ago they opened a dine in location in Arlington. I dont know if its still open and i seem to remember some people saying that it wasnt as good as the Bedford location.

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                        forgot about Fred's - they used to have a shop closer to me, but it closed. Those were respectable too, although as I recall they took a stance on the wiz issue (although I can't remember which side they took).

                      2. Texadelphia uses the little Sysco 'hockey pucks' that are called 'break-a-way meat'. This is an extruded beef product that is wound up into a general puck shape that comes in several sizes, depending on how much meat you wish to offer your guest. It is set on the flat top and fried. As it cooks, it breaks apart. Add onion and pepper, and you have a Texadelphia sandwich.

                        Also comes in chicken. At one time they offered a corned beef version (even larger gag) for a philly rueben. I don't think that product lasted long. All these are made for Sysco by Advanced Food Company under the brand of Steak Eze.

                        Advanced claims: "Better profits are truly beyond the burger! Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches demand a higher menu price, take less time to prepare and require fewer ingredients than your average burger. This means greater profits for you."

                        Good luck with that.


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                          Texidelphia use genuine Angus beef. Who cares what truck it comes off of?

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                            I have a Texidelphia less than half a mile from my place. I gave it 2 tries. They both sucked. It was flavorless and dry. The cheesesteak at IHOP is better than that place. Its not a good sign when you go for a cheesesteak and they ask you what kind of sauce that you want on it. Spicy mustard or marinara? No thanks. Just call it what is is. An arby's with sizzled meat on a longer roll.

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                              If you look at the links, you will see they offer 'angus beef'. Angus beef means nothing. It is not a standard of any kind. It doesn't mean anything.

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                                Read this Dallas Dude. http://www.certifiedangusbeef.com/bra... It means SOMETHING.

                                If you know so much maybe you can tell the OP where to get an original cheesteak wiht BETTER beef. Do you know some secret place that uses kobe beef?

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                                  You know I have wondered if anyone would enjoy a cheesesteak made with A5 kobe. Why don't we add in some truffles and foie gras, now THAT'S original.

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                                    Kobe used in a cheesesteak makes about as much sense as the now ubiquitous kobe burger. The mildness of the meat gets overwhelmed by the other ingredients. Not only is one unable to appreciate the meat, it makes for a less desirable overall product.

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                                "Certified Angus" beef is nothing but marketing. It is just branding that leads the consumer into thinking the meat is worth paying an additional premium.

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                                  While partially a marketing ploy, there are some characteristics which positively "enhance product consistency", which would justify paying a higher price.


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                                    I'm not sure I'd agree. Granted certified angus beef does have requirements but those requirements either don't enhance the beef's quality (e.g. "no hump on the neck exceeding 2 inches"), or are common to any decent piece of beef (e.g. no dark cutting).

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                                        mahalan's point that those standards are common to any decent cut of beef is totally dead on. To contribute, one of the CAB standards calls for USDA Grade 3 or leaner. The 2005 National Beef Quality Audit found 85.6% of slaughtered cattle in the US falls under that category. Industry experts have also focused research towards identifying genetic traits for marbling and fat cover amongst different breeds of cattle. Preliminary results show that there is not a significant genetic difference between Angus and breeds such as Hereford and Shorthorn - so why should you pay more for Angus?

                                        I also remember a presentation from marketing class when I was in school: case studies on why the certified angus program has been successful for building the brand, and the ways they've made sure people think Angus first for beef marketing. People buy Angus for the same reason people buy products like Apple, Nike, Loius Vuitton, BMW, etc. Bottom line, a big part of it is the perception of quality, but it is not necessarily true in the case of Angus.

                                        It's very possible to find a better cut of meat that is USDA choice, cheaper, and overall, better than CAB. Focus less on the marketing and look at the cut of meat itself.

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                                          I totally agree with the "look at the cut" to help judge your decision prior to purchase. It's been my experience that generally speaking, Angus cuts will be more well marbled when sided next to a like "choice" cut - and personally, I've only compared rib eyes ( rib roasts).

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                                            I whole heartedly agree with air on this one. Having done my pennance in the industry, CAB was pushed heavily by the Sysco meat boys and the perception aspect was drilled into me by them. We were even offered discounts if we added the CAB logo onto the menu.

                                            They went on to tell me that the American beef buyer, when in a supermarket, historically looks for the brightest red package they can find. Often this will be lacking marbling and infused with gas to achieve and maintain this un-natural state for extended periods of time.

                                            I was in Super H a few weeks ago buying a haunch of beef for a party when I overheard to Korean women talking. One told the other that she didn't eat meat but her husband did. She informed the other the best way to pick was to find the bloodiest steak she could find. Super H sells CAB, btw, but not all their beef is CAB. It's all mixed in but labeled.

                            2. +1 for Billadelphia only thing in DFW i have found that comes close to resembling a real cheesesteak from phily.

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                                they use a delicious blend of Wagyu beef and Aberfoyle ostrich, no?

                                I haven't been to Billadelphia, perhaps we need to compare a few. -7 wind chill weather requires a good Philly, and a few requisite bowls of chili with chiffonade of jalapeno.

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                                  DD - I often think you work for Sysco, the way you keep name-dropping them......

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                                    Actually anti-Sysco. They are a formidable force in the industry and to be avoided at all cost.

                              2. Billidelphia is okay, but hands down Fred's Downtown Philly in Plano is great.

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                                  I tried Fred's after many recomendations. It was dry, bread was pasty. Wasted a long trip to Plano sorry to say.

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                                    Fred just opened a location in Grapevine(?)/Southlake(?) just north of 114. Anyway, I gave it a try and there was simply no flavor - at all - none. I drove from the opposite end of GV in one of the few blinding rains we had this summer and it was a bust!

                                  2. The best I've had in the DFW area is Donnie's Hot Dog and Cheesesteaks (sp?) on S. Matlock in Arlington (almost in Mansfield). Everything is very fresh, good quality meat, bread, peppers. And like other joints: They're from Philly and they serve Tastykakes (but the sweet potato cheesecake is much better).

                                    As a side note: Avoid the hot dogs. They're basic and bland.

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                                      Donnies puts MAYO on their cheesesteaks!!! This was one the worst I have ever had...Billadelphia and Fred's are still the best I have found in DFW...

                                    2. According to their website, Billadelphia has opened 2 new locations: Berry in FW and Mid-Cities in NRH.

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                                        Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions. Gonna try to head there this weekend...

                                      2. Hope this qualifies. Kenny's in Frisco and their steak bomb. A double-fisted meat overload.

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                                          That thing is good, albeit too big... I've had it twice and both times contemplated killing myself once I reached my car.

                                        2. I have never been to Philadelphia but would like to someday, I have Geno's, Pat's, Jim's, Rick's and Tony Luke's websites all bookmarked and would love to compare cheesesteaks from all of them.

                                          There was once a Philly cheesesteak place on the corner of Ross and Lamar in downtown Dallas. They closed but then was reincarnated later but then shut down again. I ate there a few times and really enjoyed their cheesesteaks and I remember they advertised that their bread was shipped from Philadelphia.

                                          I have also tried Fred's here in Plano and compared to the one that use be in downtown Dallas is drier and IMO not as good but Fred's does a good business and apparently has many customers from Philly that are regulars there. At least Fred's has Hank's Root Beer.

                                          Since I am in downtown Dallas now and again I miss the one that was there, I wonder why they could not keep it open?


                                          1. If you're ever in Weatherford, try Montana's cheesesteak. It's the closest I have found out here in the boondocks (40 miles from Ft Worth where I live) but you have to order it right or you'll wind up with provolone and peppers on it. They do have American cheese, so you can get it with fried onions and the right cheese. It's on the small side, but if you're craving it, it's really pretty good considering. It reminds me of a mini version of Steve's Prince of Steaks.

                                            1. Billadelphia's all the way. I've only been to the one in Bedford, since it's two minutes from my house.

                                              I'm originally from Philly and these are the most authentic you're going to get in the area.

                                              My personal recommendations:
                                              Birch Beer
                                              Chicken Cheesesteak Hoagie (chopped chicken, choice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, oregano, mayo and onion) - it's a mess but it's so good.
                                              Cheese fries - ask them to cook them extra-crispy and to leave off the seasoning.

                                              1. I agree with Billadelphia, but only the place in Bedford. The one on Mid-Cities in Watauga had dry meat and stale bread the last two time's I've stopped there.

                                                1. Tomorrow July 12 2012 come to the Sunflower farmers market get it fresh, hot from a West Philly born and raised schooled in the art of making a steak, worked at Freds, helped Desoto Philly get his name out, now it is my turn to temp your taste buds from 6-10pm 1800 Henderson Ave Dallas we will cater it fresh at your location taste the difference

                                                  1. Best Philly in DFW is Phatso's Cheesesteaks, hands down. Located in the Cowtown Chowdown Food Trailer Park on Main St., they are based out of Austin. They import their rolls from Amoroso's, use slab-style ribeye, and offer wiz and provolone.

                                                    1. Due to 183 expansion, Billadelphia's closed their Bedford location several months ago. They relocated to a small stand-alone building in a strip center parking lot on the east side of Davis, a mile or so north of 820. I assume they're still there - haven't been.

                                                      1. It's been years since I was in Philly and had a cheesesteak, but I really like the one at Truck Yard, however authentic (or not) it may be.

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                                                          agree - it's delicious. And it's only non-authentic in that they use higher-than-average quality ingredients.

                                                        2. I express no opinion as to its authenticity, as I have never par taken of anything in Philadelphia. But Truck Yard makes a damned good cheese steak sandwich. Fresh ribeye is chopped on the grill with a spatula and cooked to your order. It's sold inside by the bar, not outside from a truck.