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Jan 6, 2010 12:34 PM

Central TX BBQ in Philly - Compare and Contrast

On the Philly Cheesesteak post, I mentioned that I TX style cue place was opening in Philly. It is based on Central TX style BBQ, and even has an "all you can eat" deal called "The Lockhart."

Can they do that? How on earth do you ship a brisket to Philadelphia, smoke it, and have it taste anything like authentic central TX BBQ?!?!

I'll try and get my father and law to go try it and report, as he's been here to a few places.

Click on "menu" to see how it compares. Prices are much higher than here, accordingly:

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. If you have the right wood, and the right cooking apparatus, I don't see why you couldn't recreate Central Texas style BBQ in Philly. However, them prices are Crazy! $20 for a lb of cooked brisket! Hell, even Rudy's is about $10 a lb, and that's probably the most expensive I recall around Austin. (except for Lambert's I suppose) Does Beef really cost that much more up north? They're smoking Brisket right? Not Filet Mignon?

      1. If you are going to recreate Texas q at least put Big Red long necks and Shiner Bock on the menu....

        1. Hey, more power to 'em, if they can get enough people to pay for it. Not really sure what this "vegan chili" they speak of is, though...

          1. They say it's smoked over oak, so if they do it right it should be pretty good; of course, tending the fire is really the art in barbecue. Pork belly? Color me skeptical on that. But Rauchbier? A smoked-malt beer with barbecue is nothing short of brilliant! Places around here should take note. Uncle Billy's, I'm talkin' to you!