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Maize Restaurant in Perkasie

A new place has opened in the former Cafe Avocado space. It's called Maize. Chef/owner is Matthew McPhelin , late of Lacroix at the Rittenhouse and Savona Grill. The menu looks amazing. Planning to go this weekend. Has anyone been?


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  1. Thanks for the news! Will check it out. Do you know if it's lunch and dinner? Price range? I'll have to stop by and at least look at the menu. Please be a good restaurant, please be a good restaurant, please be a....

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      The website that wandasue posted above has the menu. The website says dinner 5-10 Tuesday -Saturday, mains price range is 18-22. Would love to hear a review of the restaurant.

    2. Go! Go! Go! We had a marvelous meal last night. Their grand opening is next weekend. I'll post a more detailed description soon, but until then, please try Maize restaurant. I could easily name established places in Doylestown, Allentown, Phila, and closer to home where I have had meals with less finesse, flavor, attention to detail. We intend to be regulars.

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        Glad someone good is in there. It's a great addition to Washington House for people going to the Sellersville Theater.

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          Menu for opening night looks pretentious. "Forked potatoes"? Come on.

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            Ha! I thought the same thing when I saw the menu. That one made me laugh out loud, but who cares (if the food's good)? It's not like we have that many good places around here. Maybe they're pretentious and out-of-date/ out-of-synch with their town ("Maize"???), but food is the important thing.

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              Out of date with Perkasie - definitely not. Out of synch - well, if all Perkasie ever wants is informal and inexpensive, maybe. I would like to believe that there is room for a Perk, a Revivals, a Washington House, and a place like Maize in our area. I would go to Maize if it were in Doylestown. Why not in Perkasie? Keep some of my dining out dollars here and perhaps bring some in from elsewhere? The old saying about eateries in Perkasie is that people who live in Perkasie will not go out to eat to a "nice" restaurant in Perkasie. Why not change that?

              The food is good, the space inviting - I think the package is a great value. I'll be there for the grand opening with bells on!

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                Went for dinner Friday night with friends. Bread came to table, biscuits with some corn flour were fresh hot out of the oven and fantastic served with butter and local honey. Next pan seared scallops served with asparagus and vermouth sauce, perfectly cooked and delicious.
                Tasted my wife's split pea soup served with smoked pork was also very good. Friends enjoyed two different green salads which were good.
                I ordered duck served with quinoa and oranges/cranberries and duck jus
                also a great dish perfectly cooked.
                Also tried the crab cakes which were very moist and flavorful.
                The bison was fantastic medium rare and tender with swiss chard.
                Had for dessert a cheese plate and the chocolate terrine a mouse like
                treat with a subtle pistachio sauce .
                All in all the meal was wonderful. One of the better restaurants in the
                philadelphia aree. Food was about $75/couple (BYOB)
                The only area that needs a little work is the waitstaff , young not
                much experience yet. A little out of the way but well worth the drive....

      2. Let some time past to allow them to get their feet on the ground. Had dinner there week of March 8, 2010. Having lived in Doylestown, I would put them in the same category as the finer restaurants there. The food and presentation was exquisite, everything was delicious, and the service was outstanding. The chef even came out to take our order. The pricing now is between 18-28 for entrees. For those of us who like blue cheese, there is a blue cheese tart for an appetizer. Don't miss it. It also is BYOB.
        The last reservation is taken for 8:00pm. They do close at 10, but count on 2 hours for dinner. Everything is made when ordered, which takes time , but well worth it. It is a small restaurant seating about 28, so I would recommend reservations.
        The Menu has changed 6 times since they opened according to the chef, due to the fact that he will only use sustainable, fresh and seasonal foods. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is we were only there once. If the restaurant maintains it's consistency, I would easily give it 5.

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          Wifey and I went there and it was pretty good (REALLY good for Perkasie), but pretentious and very slow for the food to come out, and I DO understand that homemade, high-quality food takes time. This was beyond that and then some. The waiter was annoyingly fawning, and had to prove that he had a brain and was normally a schoolteacher. Well that's fine mister, but could you just deliver the food please? We'll give it another shot sometime. The ingredients were high quality, if sometimes poorly balanced. If an ingredient sounds sexy but doesn't add anything to the dish (or if you can't taste it), then why bother? Just to make people who don't know better go "ooooohhh"?

        2. Ate here with my wife and two friends this past Saturday. Amazing meal. To start the wife and I shared a salad with anchovie, Parmigiano-Regianno and poached egg. For our mains she had the duck leg with tagliatelle and mushroom sauce while I chose the bison with mashed potatoes and swiss chard. This along with wine from local Bucks county wineries made for a special evening. It was our second time in a month and it will not be the last.

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          1. Thanks for the post wandasue. Interesting and provocative reviews from krautman, cpski and HHFMDF. HH based on your star ratings I was interested in reviewing your other posts. I was surprised to find none. Perkasie; going to have to fire up the navigation system

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              Bacchus.. up route 309, get off for Sellersville, and then make a right in downtown Sellersville. Its not too far. Maize is worth the trip if you don't mind the drive. Its also a good alternative to the Washington House if you are going to a show at the Sellersville Theater.

              1. re: cwdonald

                Thanks CW, that helps a lot. A drive thought an Autumn countryside to a new restaurant is a nice adventure.

                1. re: Bacchus101

                  We went last night after reading these recent posts. One of the best meals ive had all year. Great place

            2. Interesting little place, enjoyed their choice of paint colors. A store front, single room with an open kitchen on a nice small town street. The menu does appear to offer some interesting food combinations and time is taken for careful preparation. After re-reading all the reviews here I am sorry to say I am most closely aligned with Saurerkrautman. With only 5 other people in the restaurant our food was painfully slow to arrive, two hours is my guess. The waiter was talking in strong loud voice across the room and in the open kitchen and while a well meaning fella, missed the mark of unobtrusive, good service by a mile. My wife ordered the split pea soup and a 'special vegan entree'. The soup was ok, her entree was alright and was plated on what tasted strangely like pea soup. My tasting started with two very small scallops served with micro greens with dressing which was totally underwhelming. The entree was a tasty portion of brazed beef with carrot straws and haricot verts over fennel shards and sauced. As this was a fennel theme evening the desert was a spoonful of fennel ice cream with freshly made, warm fennel waffles on a nice sauce complimented by a swirl of chocolate and a slice of mango and a berry. Who doesn't like freshly made warm waffles. Others have noted the special popcorn and the muffins both served warm and fresh. We thought the muffins excellent and the popcorn was, well popcorn. We over heard the waiter mention that Saturday reservations are two week in advance so obviously there is at least a room full of people who love the place. I can not imagine what a full room of patrons would sound like or the time it might take to serve them. After 2 hours, thankfully somewhat filled by a visit from a friend who owns a brewery in town, we ask for our check when the desert was delivered. Obviously this offended the waiter who then said we have two cookies coming out IF you want to wait for them. He then, in his loud voice, repeated the phrase to the cooks in the kitchen with a smirk. The cookies we waited for were two quarter sized discs with happy faces dabbed on them. We over tipped based on service which did get the door open for us upon leaving. We are very pleased for those who have found a "special place" but after our one lengthy visit we have no reason to travel to Maize. I mentioned that I was not sure what they were trying to be and my wife noted that "they" don't seem to know what it is that they want to be. What ever that is many people up there seem to like it!

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                Bacchus thanks for your thoughtful write up. I am curious what day of the week you went. I am increasingly finding restaurant experiences during the week being very different than weekends, due to cooks on day off, fewer servers etc. I am curious whether that has anything to do with your experience.

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                  CW, we were there last evening, Wednesday the 24th. As this is an owner/chef operation, who was in the kitchen, my guess is the chef day off was not an issue in this case. Of course I would not know about additional or different servers. Perhaps they are more "on their game" weekend evenings. With the challenge of cooking and serving to a full house; I would suspect problems on a weekend could be exasperated. My tasting and my wife's selections were only a very small sampling of what is an interesting menu. However, understanding that, there was still not enough promise to encourage us to make the great traverse again. Add to that the very strange and extremely slow service plus the loud cross talking by the waiter and we are one timers.

                  1. re: Bacchus101

                    Great, I'll get an easier reservation.;]

                  2. re: cwdonald

                    My own experience has usually been the opposite: restaurants are better during the week, when they're not as busy and the customer has the staff's less-divided attention.

                  3. re: Bacchus101

                    We have been to Maize several times (all Saturdays) and only once was the service uncomfortably slow. Even then, it wouldn't have bothered me but that my friend with whom we were dining is somewhat impatient. He won't return. We will. I much prefer a slower pace to being rushed. In Italy or France, your table is yours for the night. At least it used to be that way. I think perhaps Americans don't like leisurely dining.

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                      Nice to hear you have found a special place. Just to be clear there was little similarity between leisurely dining as I know it in the France or Italy and what we had experienced also "your table for the night" really depends upon the establishment and often the price point. I would agree that leisurely dining is frequently not appreciated by some Americans. My friends and I look forward to it and expect that it is a timed meal with some ambiance contributing to the experience. I applaud this small town restaurant for its attempt at offering a different experience for area diners. Obviously they have succeeded, evidenced by the difficulty in getting a prime reservation. Good for them!

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                        I agree. We prefer the pacing we experience at Maize. Recently in Duck, NC (off-season Sunday night), we were pushed through our meal in 45 minutes. When I complained to the hostess, she said our server misread us because northerners like to eat fast.

                    2. Based mostly on discovering this thread (and a strong desire to find something new and different in Bucks County), we visited Maize for the first time this weekend. As mentioned by others, this is a storefront restaurant in "downtown" Perkasie with approximately 10 tables (total seating must be no more than 24) with an open kitchen. We arrived about ten minutes early for our reservation and waited in front of the restaurant for our table to be set. The menu consists of a choice of six starters and six mains, plus nightly specials. Prices for the starters range from $12-16 and for mains from $22-26. In addition, Maize offers a five-course $50 prix-fixe chef's selection menu (and, on weeknights, a $30 three-course menu).

                      As it is a small room, the noise level can be quite loud (and, as mentioned by another hound in this thread, the situation is not helped by one server whose voice was often much louder than it needed to be). There are two servers and young woman who served as busboy (busgirl?).

                      At the start of the meal, you will receive some herbed popcorn (along with an explanation for the offering, having something to do with the chef-owner's Native American heritage) and a buttermilk biscuit. Both were tasty and a nice touch, particularly as we were hungry upon our arrival and, as others have pointed out and I'll comment upon, the pace of the meal here is leisurely. Maize is BYO, so be sure to bring some wine (because of the quality of the food, you might want to spend just a bit more and bring higher-quality wines). I might suggest, again because of the pace of the meal, you bring just a bit more wine than you would ordinarily bring to a BYO restaurant.

                      I had the pumpkin-lobster soup with chervil oil. A very generous dollop of lobster meat was resting in a lightly-herbed pumpkin broth. Pumpkin seeds added texture to several spoonfuls of soup. My wife had the arugula salad over blue crab. I was impressed with the generosity of the portion: the tian of blue crab, must have had at least 4 ozs. of flaky crab.

                      My wife and I both chose fish entrees: me, the grouper, she, the fluke. Both portions were generous and tasty, served with julienned vegetables.

                      Service was attentive. Again, noise level was a bit high, but, by 10 PM, when several parties had left, was much more tolerable. We noticed, on several occasions, that the range hood in the open kitchen didn't completely remove smokiness and, if you're seated near the kitchen, you might notice a little smokiness in the air. I should add that two members of our party had some dietary preferences (ie, gluten, meat, dairy, etc.) and the kitchen cheerfully adjusted their meals to their satisfaction.

                      We left very satisfied and at $100 per couple (we skipped dessert), felt the meal was an excellent value. I'm going to step out on a limb here and state that Maize is one of the two or three best restaurants in Bucks County. The quality of the food here is on par with many highly-regarded bistros in Philadelphia or New York. We will return in the future and will probably try the $50 chef's menu which consists of two fish dishes and one meat dish, as well as an appetizer and dessert (the dishes may or may not be from the menu, as the chef often prepares special items for the chef's menu).

                      Others have commented on the pace of service at Maize. Let me say that you should allow for two hours or more for your meal. We dined with good friends and brought good wine. The evening passed quickly and we never felt that the service was slow. Maize is a place to enjoy a fine meal and good conversation.

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                        Famdoc- that's generally how I've found Maize. Since Matt is constantly changing the menu based in what the farms and foragers have for him, it's always something different and usually delightful. The tasting menu is great, but usually a bit more leisurely.

                        1. re: famdoc

                          Mr. Famdoc

                          Thanks for your comprehensive review. As we will not be visiting this place again by our choice my question is regarding your " on the par with highly-regarded bistros in Philadelphia and New York". Which highly regarded bistros in New York and Philadelphia is it you are comparing to Maize?? Thanks.

                          1. re: Bacchus101

                            The level of cooking and style reminded me of Landmarc in TriBeCa.

                          2. re: famdoc

                            Thanks famdoc for your thorough review. It makes me want to get back to Maize sooner. I wish we didn't live so far from Perkasie. I'm one who usually prefers center city to suburban restaurants. Maize is the exception.

                            1. re: JanR

                              In terms of restaurants in Bucks county, I think the only other restaurant that is in same ballpark as Maize is Honey in Doylestown.

                              1. re: cwdonald

                                I'm also a fan of Vine and Fig Tree in D'town.

                                Last night's meal @ Maize reminded me is several ways of a recent meal at Boulud Sud.

                                1. re: famdoc

                                  Really, Boulud Sud. One of my favorite Upper West Side restaurants. I certainly did order the wrong thing in my Maize visit. How fortunate are those close enough to be regulars at Maize. A Perkasie restaurant with an accomplished and skilled chef producing food the quality of Manhattan's Boulud Sud. Good stuff!

                            2. re: famdoc

                              Allow three hours if you do the five for $50 tasting.

                              1. re: wandasue

                                Jan: Upon your recommendation of Maize (never heard of it, yet love the 2 restaurants they came from) we made a reservation for tonight.
                                They were very accommodating at the last minute and made sure to mention to allow 1 1/2 to 2 hours for dinner. I am guardedly looking forward to the occasion as I am not too enthralled with a loudmouthed waiter screaming in my face -- and looks like he is still there from Bacchus' and Famdoc's reviews, so I will bite the bullet.
                                It sounds like a "me" restaurant and I hope they don't disappoint. I will report after tonight's meal.
                                This is a fortuitous find and it all sprung from our discussion about Western Suburb restaurants and how they get too much undeserved negative press. This place sounds reminiscent in size to the dearly departed Gilmore's, Birchrunville and Sola.
                                I hope I can add another good place to my list.
                                Thanks Jan. :-)

                                1. re: arepo

                                  You're welcome. Hope you enjoy it. Looking forward to your review.

                                  1. re: arepo

                                    Please don't get me wrong: the server was not "loudmouthed," but, rather, "out there" in his approach to presenting descriptions of menu items. Frankly, I think he is just following the kitchen's orders on this one: this is a restaurant that is proud of its ingredients and proclaims them in various ways: a blackboard above the front windows lists their sources and the waitstaff describe them in detail. In no way did he detract from our enjoyment of our visits and we hope to become regulars. The $50 tasting menu is one of Bucks' unsung values.

                                    1. re: arepo

                                      Please don't get me wrong: our waiter was talking in strong loud voice across the room and in the open kitchen and while a well meaning fella, missed the mark of unobtrusive, good service by a mile. Perhaps since late October he has reformed his act, quit, been fired and/or you may be so enthralled with the "Boulud Sud" like cooking that it may not negatively impact your evening. I hope to hear you find it aMAZIE-ing!

                                      1. re: Bacchus101

                                        Some people have more tolerance to noise than others. That guy would have angered me. There is a place I frequent where the chef sings opera in her spare time. Unfortunately also during her working time. I have learned to get my stuff to go when she is there. I have often thought about saying something to her about respect for other people's boundaries but feel it is not my place.

                                        1. re: givemecarbs

                                          Nicely stated -carbs: for us it was as much about the boundaries as it was about the loudness.

                                          1. re: Bacchus101

                                            Could you name the restaurant where the chef sings opera (my passion next to great dining)?
                                            And what is the food like? Must be good if you frequent it.

                                            1. re: arepo

                                              Arnold's Way. She puts a lot of care into her food preparation. The raw chocolate mousse is amazing. It is a raw vegan cafe. If you go, let me know what you think.