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Jan 6, 2010 12:18 PM

Need place in El Segundo/Manhattan Beach for Birthday Dinner- not too $$

Looking for a fun place to have good food/drinks for a 29th bday- low key dinner. Not too much $$. Any suggestions? thanks!

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  1. you will need to define what you mean by 'not too much $$."
    also, are you open to any kind of ethnic food?

    this area is not known for it's bargain eats.

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    1. re: westsidegal

      Not looking for bargain places- the usual we go to Mucho's, LA Food show, Houston's, Flemings, Fonz's, Tin Roof, Salt Creek, Petro's, etc... looking for something new and fun and good

      1. re: natsuye

        imho, you've already been to all the good ones.
        my favorite in the area is petros, of which you are already aware.

    2. I love the Farm Stand in Downtown El Segundo for these types of things, they have something for everyone there...


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      1. re: Dommy

        respectfully disagree re: the farm stand.
        to me, it offers meh, low-common-denominator, food.
        its' the place that lots of friends chose for the parties they gave to celebrate their kids' graduation from high school.

      2. Paul Martin's American Bistro is pretty good and reasonable. Large place with a full bar and lots of wine by the glass. I have seen several large parties in that age range at dinners there.

        1. Cafe Pierre in Manhattan Beach has had a recent food make over. From the places that you mention below, this is a cut above food wise..

          1. Are you willing to go to Redondo? One of my favorite places to eat is Izakaya Bincho. It is a small place with GREAT food on the Redondo pier. Depends on how many of you will be going though. The food is very reasonable, they have great beer, sakai, and Japanese vodka.

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            1. re: JEN10

              I agree that this is a great place if the group is on the smallish side. Would definitely meet OP's requirements of being fun, low key and affordable.

              1. re: mollyomormon

                I've definitely seen them re-arrange the restaurant for bigger groups. I was actually there last night and had a really nice dinner for two, with a pitcher of beer and their "cold sake sampler" and the whole bill wound up being just a drip over $60. Though looking back, they must have been a little nice to us on the bill, since it was pretty empty last night.