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Jan 6, 2010 12:12 PM

Cooking Classes in Houston Texas?

Does anyone know where they offer cooking classes in Houston??

I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!

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  1. Central Market has some great cooking classes.

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      Chickstein, I think I might know you. Does the New Mexico Wine Patrol mean anything to you?

      1. they list cooking classes ... just find the store nearest you & see if they have any.

        I was also gonna recommend Central Market, but I got beat to the punch.

        I'm also sure that Spec's has had classes ... or had notices of classes ... not seeing notices on their site at this time but checking w/ the Smith Street Spec's is an option

        Then there's also Leisure Learning Unlimited ... just find their printed pamphlet to see what classes are current ... or check out their website:

        And then you could google: houston cooking classes ... and find a shitload more

        1. Have you checked Hubbell and Hudson in The Woodlands? I just discovered this place a few months ago. It's an upscale market, with an upstairs area that has cooking classes. I was only visiting, and didn't register earlier for the cooking class, but it looked great! The Hubbell and Hudson website will take you to the "Viking Cooking School" link. Have fun!

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            Sur La Table on West Gray also offers cooking classes. (their "Knife Skills" class was a revelation, and they give class attendees 10% off anything in the store on the night of the class. )


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              For anyone who has never taken a knife skills class, I would really recommend taking one here or at Central Market. Even if, like me, you have been cooking your whole life and don't think you have anything to learn in that area, trust me, you are wrong. I was blown away at some of the things I learned.

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              My family has taken several classes at the Viking Cooking School near Philadelphia and have always had a really great time. I have never been, and I don't know how similar the classes are across locations, but they have enjoyed it (and none are novice cooks, so I assume it was fairly informative).

            3. There are some good classes (various types of cuisine) through Leisure Learning too.