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Jan 6, 2010 12:11 PM

Searching for good Vietnamese in south Bklyn (not just Banh Mi)

I live in Greenwood Heights and I'm looking for some real, delicious, and real delicious Vietnamese food. We've got a couple Bahn Mi places in the Slope, but I'm looking for a full menu. And preferably not an Asian cuisine mix-and-match. Any relatively nearby recommendations?

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  1. Pho Hoai has a branch on 4th ave near 86th street in Bay Ridge

    Or go to the original a lot further south of you off the orange line on Ave U

    Ba Xuyen in Sunset Park does sell Pho (not on the menu) and has some dishes premade out on the counter usually. But I don't think this is what you are after. However they are tops for Bahn Mi

    1. Pho Hoai on Ave U is our fave, and of course, Ba Xuyen is the best! A search should reveal reviews and specifics.

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        The Pho Hoai on 8th Ave and around 54th or so is probably a bit better. Nha Trang on 8th and 59th is also very good.

      2. Based on your "nearby" criteria I'd recommend Nha Trang Palace and Gia Lam in Sunset Park. The pho is very good at both.

        Based on lots of recommendations on the boards I checked out Pho Tay Ho in Bensonhurst a couple of times. I thought it was a bit better than my 2 standbys in Sunset Park. If all 3 were side by side I'd go there most of the time. That said, the added effort to schlep over to Bensonhurst is enough to keep me in Sunset Park. It's better, but it's not *that* much better.

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            thanks for all the suggestions! i'm headed south to sunset park!