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Jan 6, 2010 11:48 AM

Plans for Fete des Rois?

Anybody doing some good partying for the Fete? Any good ideas and tales about the galette? Don't forget to tell us who got the fève!

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  1. Not even 30 and already rambling: go to Pichard to buy your galette on the street, straight from the oven.

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    1. re: olivierb

      As soon as I get over this cramp-inducing cough, - which I never will, - I am sooooo going to run up the street to Seurre to get a buttery galette des rois and do a Napoleon maybe.
      (Statistically I do seem to get the fève uncannily often.)
      Olivier, do you mean Picard? Do you possibly mean Picard? Excuse me, I won't speak to you any more.
      And what are you doing, Menton? Does Menton - the town - have a ritual - as with the lemons - about eating the galette? Is someone elected the Alpha or sth?

      1. re: Parigi

        No, I really meant Pichard, the rue Cambronne baker! Never seen a Picard with ovens outside of the store!

        I still have to try Seure...

        1. re: olivierb

          OK Olivier, i'm back talking to you.

        2. re: Parigi

          Speaking of Menton, don't they have different kind of galettes downthere in the south? Basically brioche with fruits?

          1. re: souphie

            It's pretty much a pandoro/brioche crown with fruits on top (in Pce generally, I can't speak for Menton in particular)

      2. My new favourite is Bosson, on bd Blanqui at the corner of rue Barrault. Their galette is truly awesome, as is their bread, as are their viennese pastry. Nothing fancy, but for me, perfection. Their bread are almost all organic and all 100% pure natural sourdough (which is important and rare enough to mention).

        But I totally second Pichard and Seurre. And I want to try Des Gateaux et du Pain.

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        1. re: souphie

          Is it safe to go to Bosson on a Sunday morning (safe as in: not wait for hours only to discover there's nothing left) when there also is the market? I still have to try the charcutier you and Delucacheesemonger rave about too, thought I might as well do both at the same time.
          Or maybe I won't wait that long.

          1. re: olivierb

            The charcutier may be 30m away from the bakery, both will be there tomorrow morning too. Sunday morning is OK, as long as you don't mean 1pm (though I never actually tried at that time).

          2. re: souphie

            Soup, I'm sure Bosson isn't a fictitios place but I can't find it on the google map even using the street view. Now, before I send someone out there in the freezing cold weather, I'd love the exact adddress. xoxo

            1. re: kikisakura

              I guess the name is La Tartine 73 Boulevard Auguste Blanqui.

              1. re: olivierb

                Thanks Olivier. I spotted La Tartine on google street view but didn't make a connection between that and Bosson. I guess I'm slow...

              2. re: kikisakura

                Anthony Bosson has only been here a few months. It might be that this bakery was called La Tartine, the address matches. It really wasn't good then.

                But Kiki, when I tell you it's a bakery at the corner of Barrault and Blanqui, you really can't miss it. Trust me this one time.

                Bout you guys are right: I need to add it on Google Maps.

            2. So, who got crowned yesterday? Any good parties?

              1. Is this what they term a "thread hijack?"

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