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Jan 6, 2010 11:46 AM

Veggie Friendly Monterey Park/San Gabriel

We're taking some friends out to celebrate their wedding and are looking for a "nice" (not a total hole-in-the-wall) place that has vegetarian options in the Monterey Park or San Gabriel area. Any suggestions?

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  1. How many people are in the party, and what is the price range?

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      ... and also what type of cuisine?

    2. oh yes, that is important! i'd like it to be about $60 for four people, and Chinese food!

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        Chang's Garden
        Newport Seafood
        Seafood Village

        And if you want a pure vegetarian place, there's always places like Happy Family.

      2. Have you had a read through this thread?

        How strict are the vegetarian(s) in the party? Eating at pretty much any Chinese restaurant that's not entirely vegetarian always carries some risk of getting some sort of animal product (chicken boullion (ji jing), chicken or meat stock, oyster sauce, non-vegetarian shacha sauce, etc.). I know these risks and eat at non-veg places all the time anyway, but even if you ask all the right questions, there's always some risk. All that said, I think Mei Long Zhen would qualify, and it's fairly nice. The bigger Shanghai place in Focus plaza (second floor in the middle) is also fairly nice, or at least not hole in the wall. Elite (banquet place) will do vegetarian stuff, though it's mostly on the bland side... might be a good choice for this occasion, though.

        1. I am starting to sound like a broken record, but the new Loving Hut in Alhambra, while smaller than other outlets of this chain, is clean, light and airy and has good food. I had a vegetarian mongolian "beef" that totally blew my mind.

          Desserts are uniformly horrible here though. Go elsewhere. Fosselman's is down the street, btw.

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            The Mongolian beef is very good. It is definitely a well-lit place--it glows in the daytime.