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Jan 6, 2010 11:16 AM

Best taqueria in OC?

I've recently started frequenting Carnitas Los Reyes in Orange, and am interested in finding more places like this one. I've also has Tacos Jalisco and Tacos de Ande (all on Tustin Ave. in the City of Orange).

What else is nearby? I'm sure in Santa Ana, but I need suggestions!

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  1. Those are all decent. You might want to try the carniceria at Commonwealth and Yale in Fullerton on a Friday or Saturday evening when the parillas are going outside. Also, La Perla del Amazonas at the Santa Ana Zoo in Prentice Park.

    1. There is a market off Chapman just below the grade heading up to Santaigo Hills - El Mertate or something like that. They have a great counter for take-out. It is right behing La Ventina's Pizza.

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        El Metate! Yes, I know it, but haven't been there. Didn't know they had take-out. Thanks.

      2. Wow, CTD! That is certainly a loaded question. OC, particularly Santa Ana, is loaded with very good to great taquerias. Many folks tout El Gallo Giro in Santa Ana and Taqueria El Granjenal and El Toro Bravo Tortilleria in Costa Mesa. All good. But my favorites fly a bit further under the radar. In order of preference for tacos:

        Taquitos Sahuayo
        2056 South Main Street
        Santa Ana, CA 92707
        (714) 668-1796
        Awesome hole-in-the-wall in South Santa Ana. Carnitas, Cueritos (pig face), Trompas (pig lips), tripas, buches, cabeza, moronga (blood sausage), chicharrones, manteca (lard), etc. The fresh, fried pork stuff comes out the giant lard pot at about noon everyday. These folks take real pride in what they do and it shows in every bite. The carnitas by the pound is extraordinarily good. Get it whole or cut in larger-sized chunks, not all chopped-up. Be sure to ask for the handmade tortillas ($ xtra). Get a bag of each of their salsas, gratis. ‘Da bomb!

        El Picante
        1610 South Standard Ave.
        Santa Ana, CA 92707
        (714) 285-0642
        Small mom & pop shop in a very substandard section of Santa Ana just south of Edinger. Incredible tacos made with all of the traditional meats including: al pastor, lengua, cabeza, carnitas, asada, tripas, buches, chicharrones, etc. The delicious handmade tortillas for your tacos are made to order right in front of you! Exceptional chicken mole and birria. Their sauces and salsas are works of art.

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          SWEET. Both will be experienced this week. I cannot wait....