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Jan 6, 2010 11:12 AM

Kauai - Red Salt

Next month, I will be traveling with my family to Kauai for the first time. Although the kids will be along, so will the in-laws, and my husband and I would like to take the opportunity for a night out without the kids. When we travel alone, we like to splurge on one really special meal - the last one was Daniel in NYC. We are leaning toward Red Salt, but have recently been hearing mixed reviews. It is hard to know if it is because the food/service is just not that great, or if it is coming from people that just aren't used to haute cuisine and spending serious money on food. So, is Red Salt the best "top of the line experience" we are looking for? Or is there some place else we should consider. We are staying at my in-laws condo in Poipu, but location isn't the biggest issue. Kid free fine dining is the goal.

Thank you!

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  1. We just got back from Kauai and dined at Red Salt..we loved it.
    Merriman's just opened in the Poipu area.
    Beach House is quite good and when we stayed at the Grand Hyatt, we had a fab meal of Italian at Dondero's with the $40 or $60 can't remember 4 course meal and they have a great wine list...they also just opened Tidepools which I've heard is much better than it used to be...before the renovations.
    St. Regis Hotel just opened up in Princeville..that is about an hour drive from Poipu.

    1. I have heard very positive reviews of Red Salt and would recommend it as your top choice. I think that Merriman's would be your second choice. All of the restaurants at the Hyatt are hit or miss. Personally, I do not like the Beach House but consider it and Plantation Gardens both a step down in service and quality than RS or Merriman's.

      1. I've given my Kauai-based brother gift certificates to Merriman's and Red Salt both. He most recently went to Merriman's and said he considered it the best on the island. FWIW.

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          What about Roy's? How does that compare? I saw that Merriman's has a kid's menu. My children aren't that young, and well behaved in restaurants, so I figured that was a place we could go together, if another "nice" meal was desired.