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Jan 6, 2010 10:36 AM

Searching for a Pipiripau replacement

I'm a huge fan of taco trucks and have a hard time passing one by on my daily travels without stopping to try at least a taco if not more, but for years now I have been searching for a replacement to what was without doubt my favorite asada burrito of all time. Pipiripau in Burbank (on San Fernando and Verdugo) was small filthy and always delicious. Really the best five bucks I can think to spend. Unfortunately with the condo developments that flew up around Burbank, there wasn't room for a lot with a 9'x9' taco hut on it. I know there are some amazing places around town, but I'm looking for one that can match this for style and substance. Hoping that there are other Pipiripau refugees out there who have had more luck finding a replacement than I have.

thanks in advance


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  1. AS youuuu Wiiiiisssshhhhhh!

    I'm not really the carne asada burrito kind of guy and never went to Pipiripau, love the song though.

    You might try these:

    1. I was just regaling my friends with stories of late night LA dining experiences heading home to Burbank after hours of drinking and clubbing. Pipiripau was my absolute favorite and also my first experience with taco trucks. I searched it on a whim and was surprised to find an actual picture of the stand. My last time in line was close to 15 years ago and I have tried, and failed miserably, to find anything close. I was back in Burbank after all that time in March of 2009 and one of the first places I went to was the location on San Fernando. I can't express my disappointment by what i found in its place. I've tried countless taco trucks, stands and taqueria's in Cali, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas and have yet to taste a comparable asada after 15 years. The best ever and unfortunately, it seems, never to be replicated. Let me know if you find it, I'll be sure to find my way there one day.

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        I used to live on Verdugo, in between Glenoaks and San fernando rd. My husband and i used to eat there all the time and to be quite honest, Pipiripau tacos were my main staple when i was pregnant. The owners names were Ramon and Rebecca and they had a taco truck next to Hughes market and a lil hut next to a little liquor store on the corner of santa anita and san fernando rd. We moved away in 1994 to another state and in 1997 we went to Cali to visit and i was pregnant and just had to have my fill of. "El Pastor" tacos so we drove to burbank from Palmdale and i had 4 tacos!! They were delicious just like i had remembered. I was sad to hear that they had closed not soon after. Their tacos had a unique taste all of their own and ive missed them everytime i go to cali to visit. LONG LIVE PIPIRIPAU!!

        The Verdugo Bar
        3408 Verdugo Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90065