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Jan 6, 2010 10:08 AM

Food for a pet's death?

A rather morbid topic, perhaps, but I'm wondering whether anyone's made particular dishes or shared dishes to commemorate a beloved pet's passing?

I'm in the unfortunate situation of having to say goodbye to my adored first feline. He's seen me through my first apartment, my marriage, my divorce, and several international moves. Now he has a weak heart and failing kidneys and it looks like it's time to bid him adieu. He's had a rich life, but my heart is breaking.

I'm also reminded of a Shiva that a friend threw for her beloved dog, and how lovely it was to commemorate the event with her. I'd love to hear from other pet owners and/or friends about their own food-related pet passings: what did you make? For yourself or your pet? How did you commemorate and/or celebrate your pet? Favourite food memories?

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  1. I have never heard of this, but it sounds like a lovely way of commemorating your pet's life. I wish I'd thought of something like this when my Max passed away--a celebration of his life, perhaps sometime after the actual passing so that the raw emotions of grief have been somewhat tempered (and Max was an inveterate foodie cat, too!)

    I am sorry to hear about your cat. Sounds like he has/had a very loving owner.

    1. My beloved cat Angus passed away two years ago at the advanced age of 18. He adored pitted cured black olives. I always think of him when I eat them, which is often.
      I'm sorry to hear that you have to say goodbye. You wrote that he had a rich life, which I'm sure had much to do with his owner. Remember him in that way.

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        Aw. My 17? 18?-year old cat (now in dad's loving are) loves raw cabbage. Strange kitty cravings are so adorable.

        1. re: ChristinaMason

          And my 18-1/2 year old cat, Cee-Cee, who I said farewell to back in Feb 2002, loved buttered peas. One of my current cats (now 15yo) love American cheese. Well, almost any cheese, actually, but American is her favorite. She comes running when she hears the wrapper being opened. Momma gets her grilled cheese; Scooter gets her Am cheese.

          My sympathies to the OP. It is so hard to let a beloved pet go. Is there any human food that he particularly likes? Perhaps a dinner item featuring that ingredient (when you feel you can do so) and remembering the silly ways he made you laugh would help.

          1. re: LindaWhit

            one of my God-cats loves cheese too! and packaged luncheon meat... and potato chips... and licking butter off of toast!

            my other God-cat loves rice pudding.... not good for him I'm sure, but it was by mistake to find out that he liked it :-)

        2. re: bushwickgirl

          How funny - my beloved cat is an Angus too, and at 13 his various health issues are catching up with him. He loves cheddar cheese and plain yogurt and kefir. I suspect I'll always think of him when I eat kefir...

        3. I don't have any suggestions but just want to extend my condolences. I've never had to put a pet down, but will eventually, and it's something I dread terribly.

          1. My heart goes out to so very sorry to hear about your Max...I have a six year old Lab mix (see my photo) that is my child..I often think about when the time comes for her to leave me how I'm going to handle it. My Yoki loves cheese so I guess that will be one thing that I may not be able to eat without thinking of her.

            However you feel you need to honor her is what you should do..and take care....

            1. I don't have any suggestions; we did a yard burial and spent time story telling when our 18 y.o. Fabulous Feline finally succumbed to long time kidney failure.

              I just want to say that I know how hard it is. Maurice was with me from young singlehood to marriage and my daughter had never lived without him until age 13 when we had to let him go.