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Jan 6, 2010 09:42 AM

Best pubs in Manhattan (no TVs)?

My wife and I are looking forward to a kid-free long weekend in Manhattan, and we're hoping that you can help us find the best places to get a festive afternoon drink. We need bars that make a good cocktail, have a reasonable (doesn't have to be huge) selection of fresh U.S. microbrews on tap, and are TV-free. We're staying in Gramercy, but are willing to travel for a memorable, relaxing bar. We'll be trying to avoid anything too trendy or exorbitant. Any suggestions?

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  1. No TVs rules out a huge amount of options. How firm are you on this requirement.

    1. There are many places that turn off the volume on their TVs. It makes a big difference. Other places have no TVs but a thunderous sound system. You'd be better off looking for a quiet bar.

        1. Usually a selection of Micro Brews and TV go together as does a "festive" atmosphere.

          1. Try the Ginger Man on 36th Street. I usually do not go here because it gets crowded on weeknights but it is pretty low key in the afternoon. It should be quiet and the beer selection is good. I know they have good liquor which I have ordered but am not sure about cocktails.